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    Ive been at UPS 13 years now and been driving for about 9. Doing a good job at work is what I strive to do. I'm never in the office,and I typically carry a heavier workload than most. When I ask for simple things around work you would think I was trying to pull someones wisdom tooth. Other drivers who wine and complain a lot seem to get the preferential treatment. This really gets under my skin. When I ask for something,9 times out of ten I get the"We have a lot of issues going on". Well today I had to use and FMLA day. I even had a fellow driver,one who I considered a friend,text me and say that I ****** up his day. It kind of shocked me and also put me in a sour mood. However,I wasnt at work to hear what a sup actually told him. Maybe they said"We had you of today but so and so called in and thats why you can't be where you need to" Management is good about putting drivers against that drivers. I wish I had a tape recorder to play back what some on car sups say about other drivers!
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    I don't believe the sup is permitted to say you're on FMLA or even the reason that qualified you for FMLA due to HIPAA laws.

    My PT sup told people I work with the reason why I took FMLA days and I told the sup they violated my privacy under HIPAA and I was going to file a grievance and a complaint with HR and get their ass fired if they ever :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ed with me. So now the PT sup leaves me alone, doesn't talk to me, avoids me - just how I like it.
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    The other guys get days off because they know they aren't afraid to just call in if need be. If u need off you can't work with them and ask. Just say I won't be here.

    We once had a center manager crying because a driver scheduled his yearly check up during the week and he needs to do that during a week of vacation or something. Blah blah blah. I talked to the driver a few days later and he said you know what he didn't tell you. That I canceled this appointment two other times because they had to have me. If I canceled a 3rd I would of had to change doctors.
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    So, what did we learn today boys and girls? If you really need time off, don't ask, just call in!

    20 cent seniority, as we used to call it. Works every time!
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    Please forgive me for caring way too much about what the company and mgmt thinks of me. I stand before you today promising never to commit this sin again.

    Thank you father for hearing me.

    Key phrase:

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    First of all, why does anyone tell anyone WHY they are off? That is completely personal and I've often wondered why anyone has a burning desire to talk about it. I've learned through the years that people will make up their own bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: no matter what, so why bother? Once, a very nosy receptionist asked me what I was having surgery for, I replied stone faced "I'm having gender reassignment, have my cards changed to Antionio in 8 weeks when I return", and walked out the door. I was never bothered again.

    Oh btw, HIPPA only protects against the medical reason and medical facts, so saying someone is off on FMLA is not wrong, just stupid on supervisors part. Even on your medical documentation, you do not need the exact reasons or medical listings as to why you will be gone. Just as long as a doctor is signing that it is necessary. If a doctor sends any information against your knowledge, it is against HIPPA practices, even in workers comp cases.

    Let me reiterate, all medication information on you, must be released by you. If you are unsure what you are signing at the doctor, just ask him/her if any medical info is being released to your employer. If you believe your HIPPA rights have been violated first go to your union, second every state has a board that governs this, so let them know.
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    Actually mgmt is not to discuss why you are absent. And they definitely are not to discuss, or are allowed to ask why you have FMLA.
  8. User Name

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    Or you could be in my building and have the guy that is off go on his route and tell half of them what is going on. I went to several stops the other day and was told by the customer why the regular guy was off. Guy needs to get a life.

    Although, usually if i have a good relationship with the regular guy and customers ask why they are not working I make up something really funny (to me) and then wait till they come back to see if they say anything to me.
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    I go to an almost week long event yearly. When I tell them I want it off, they tell me "oh no, you can't! We can't have ANYONE off that week! It's near spring break, we can't do that!"

    So every year when it comes around, I work Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday Thurs and Friday I just call off.

    Every year I make up some fun excuses. One year it was because I went out of town and my car broke down, they wouldn't have the part on Friday, and couldn't get a ride because my girlfriend was with me, and no one wants to drive out to the middle of the state to get me.

    Last year, I told them I couldn't make it in, I wasn't feeling it. Then Thursday, one supervisor got pissy with me "Why can't you just man up and tell us you're not coming in to work because you're in the middle of the state camping?" "I just want to see what kind of bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: you gullible people will believe." *click* "I won't be in tomorrow either... Hullo?" *shrug*

    Hee hee Bastards.
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    You can't get off during spring break??? That's one of our dead times and those weeks are always available weeks for vacation. I always have vacation around spring break, every year for the last 20 years.
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    If you have enough senority to get off you probably can get off at spring break, but if you don't have more than 20 and your in a center where you are down 2,675,000 drivers aint going to happen bro. Just saying ups sketchballs don't wanna hire anybody.
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    They only let a few of the senior drivers have off for "Spring break week" and then let their "favorites" take off if they want to. You know how it works with these people lol
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    You pick vacations by seniority dipschitt. Spring break in WI is one of the hardest weeks to get. To the OP, you might not be the employee you think you be.
  15. FilingBluesFL

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    Very well aware of this lol

    Last year I looked at the calendar. There were ZERO people listed on the calendar when I went to pick my vacation for that week. Not a single one, with over 30 people picking before me. Then, that week on the dispatch board, all the "favorites" (read: runners and lunch skippers) are on the board as being on vacation.

    Magic? I think not.
  16. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    There are percentages of people they have to let off. If it's open you pick it. If they say no you file.
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    ​Damn rocket science.
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    It's sh***y management to pit your employees against each other. It's manipulative and uncalled for. It's one thing to let you know they have to change work assignments because of an unexpected staffing change/call in but they're basically gossiping about the other drivers. This is what happens when the company focuses only on numbers and forgets to train their management on the soft skills that could actually make them effective managers that people want to work with.
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    So if you skip lunch you get any week you want? Sweet.
  20. grgrcr88

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    hello supervisor, this is (you) I will not be in today*click*

    Why would you do anything more than that?

    OP it sounds as if you are coming to the stunning realization that management does not care about you!! We all learn it, takes some longer than others!! The sooner you realize your the only person in that place that truly cares about you, the better off you will be!!