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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by goinparcel, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. goinparcel

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    Are there any other On-Road sups that are as fed up as the drivers working over 9.5. I know I know the union guys say I signed up for it, but 65-70 hours a week for years on end is crap. Show up at 630 AM, ride all day, get off car at 630 PM and do paper work to 8-10 PM. That is if nothing goes wrong during the day. Need to hear from some sups around the country on this....I want to see if I am crazy or not. And yes I know I signed up for it. But abuse is abuse, union or non-union.
  2. over9five

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    On-road sups certainly do work a lot of hours. My sup is often there after I leave, and they certainly do start a couple hours before us. It's just the way it is.
  3. toonertoo

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    I feel for you brother, I was only in the part time ranks, and I worked a ton, that salary thing sucks. You cant go back, I got out. Sorry for you. That is the new and improved UPS.
  4. Mick32

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    You aren't crazy.
  5. klein

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    Gee, didn't even think about that one. I was :censored2: off on my last on road sup drive along. Because, the whole drive got evaluated with me afterwards.
    But, I was stuck waiting for him, because he got tied up elsewhere.
    Nevertheless, I spent atleast another hr at the center, after my 11hr run.

    So, he must have had atleast a 13hr shift, if mine was 12. !!!
    But, appreciate your posting. Very good warning to anyone , that may consider it in the future. (STAY AWAY) !!!!
  6. Anonymous 10

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    Who told you to quit the Teamsters i know for sure it wasn't me you made your bed lie in it. I think you should keep telling yourself its not that bad and maybe you will learn to like it.
  7. probellringer

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    MAN UP :happy2:.... thats what u always tell us....maybe your center manager should lie to you and tell you tomorrow he will take care of you...get used to it.....its only till we die......seriously though-if the supes stood up to the center manager-and the center manager stood up to the dm ---and he stood up to his boss=life would be much better.Problem is you guys force it on the driver=cutting loads -then you gotta come /figure out a plan....run loads and you got no problems.....TOO BAD YOU CANT TRUST THE DRIVERS=WE KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO GET DONE.....AMEN
  8. sosocal

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    Instead of bitching about it on forum boards - decide if the job is for you or not....It is a simple assessment of values and priorities. I am assuming you have discussed flexibility issues with your manager- open door policy with appropriate District people etc. Good luck, but move on now = in the end you will be happier.
  9. klein

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    Face it , Salary sucks compared to OT wages. (atleast for on-road sups). Something, that should have been considered before bidding on the job.
  10. Dragon

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    Instead of bitching about it on forum boards - decide if the job is for you or not....It is a simple assessment of values and priorities. I am assuming you have discussed flexibility issues with your manager- open door policy with appropriate District people etc. Good luck, but move on now = in the end you will be happier.

    Sounds like he has made the decision, he wants to work here, not be abused here - and he feels the pain of his drivers. I am not sure the last time you talked with the "appropriate District people" but all they tell you is that its your fault you work too many hours and you need to manage your day better. Hell even most of the HR people here in this district are miserable and that was at least 2 years before the consolidation.

    So with all that said, goinparcel you are not alone - many supervisors and managers feel the same way you do, they may not post it or talk about it but they do.
  11. rocket man

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    your a supervisor complaining about your hours. SO you spend your time on this telling us about this ahhh you were up in the office waiting for your last 5 drivers to get in by 930.
  12. toonertoo

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    You drivers are cold hearted. he made a decision, for whatever reason, to try something. It looks real good on paper, when you accept the position. As like any job it has its unknowns. You never think you are going to be sleeping with an enemy. Give him a break, he made a decision on a career, that doesnt suit him, and the only way out is to quit. Its not that easy to walk away. Teamster, or management.
  13. Mick32

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    Believe me, I get the "You picked management" argument, but some people who went into management were sold a bill of goods. When I was part time, all I heard was about how you would be a millionaire if you went full-time management. It was an argument that they used to get talented people to go management instead of taking the driving route. Once the stock went public, that became a fairy tale and the argument became, year after year, "you're lucky to have a job".
    The "new UPS" wants to get "more with less" and they plan to do it on the backs of one unit management. I'm not looking for sympathy, I made my decision, but it doesn't suck any less.
  14. srvhero

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    I hope your drivers appreciate your long hours and dedication. When i get back to the building, there's not a on-car sup to be found. I, like many at UPS, am exhausted with the overtime. It is damaging my body and only allowing me to have a weekend relationship with my family. I am slowly positioning myself to transition into another career. Good luck to you. Hang in there,... of course, until you need to let go.
  15. Monkey Butt

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    Or take it out on your drivers. :wink2:
  16. scoobypanda

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    Recently we sat down with our d.m to discuss safety concerns brought about by excessive overtime. My steward suggested bringing in each on car 1 hour earlier and having them oversee the preload for their group's cars each day. This would vastly improve the load quality and reduce misloads. On cars wouldn't be shuttling all day and there would be less fires to put out in the evening, thus allowing the supes to go home at 6 instead of 8. Needless to say, the d.m said "that's not gonna happen". If upper management continues to hammer drivers and middle management, who is going to be upper management in 10 years? How many people can not only endure the abuse, but excel enough to move up through the ranks?
  17. Six Sides

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    Just what do you do at 6:30 am, watch the loaders? Fix the dispatch and start enjoying life. You’re the supervisor so supervise. Start your day one hour prior to driver start, ride three or four days a week, and leave when you return from your rides. The other day or two is for your PLANNING & paperwork!
  18. All Day

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    I have never understood why Driver Sups get in so early? Can someone explain this?
    I say, a driver sup should work driver hours....
  19. satellitedriver

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    Someone has to be there to answer the DM's phone call telling them what the circle jerk of the day is going to be.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    My on car usually starts at 0715/0730 and usually leaves 1845/1900, sometimes earlier, sometimes later if something happened during the day that he needs to deal with. His hours change slightly when the dispatch sup is on vacation as he has to fill in for him as well as perform his on car duties. He will sometimes have to run an area and brings along a casual for "training"--basically the casual sits there while the sup runs the area--if there is a last minute call in without coverage.

    I don't see a reduction in his hours anytime soon.

    407, everything in life does not revolve around the Teamsters.