I want to get a job at UPS. Need help with this question...

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    I know you have to start off at the bottom as a package handler before you can even consider to be one of those brown swat looking van drivers. I don't mind doing this, but I am worried about my driving record. It's not like it's terrible, but yes I have been pulled over for speeding before and yes I have been pulled over for running a stop sign before. I am just wondering how the hole driving thing works like if you get a couple of traffic violations are you done? Should I not even bother applying then if I want to be a driver someday. The situation is I don't want to start working there then 4 years down the road get an interview as a driver all to be turned down cause I have some minor traffic violations. Hope this makes sense, and I hope I can get some solid info before taking a job with UPS. Thanks everyone.
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    They ask for a 5 year driver abstract when you are going to get hired (as a driver). You can't have any more than 3 moving violations/reported accidents on the abstract. With the rate that UPS is hiring drivers, it'll be 5-7 years before it happens (depending on your location of course...some places are hiring drivers still...) keep your nose clean driving if you think it's worth it to you. They won't ask for an abstract when you first get hired on, so don't worry about that.
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    I can't give you specifics about whether or not HR has disqualifiers fir traffic violations (someone else may be able to). I'm inclined to think the following: it will be a moot point if you have the seniority, you have a license (i.e. it is not suspended or revoked), you have been honest and forthcoming about any traffic violations before and during employment with UPS.

    I had a failure to stop at a stop sign that I told them about that was not on my state DMV records since it was federal. I had a federal speeding ticket, Wyoming speeding ticket, and an Alaskan speeding ticket (first two were never on my DMV record and last one had fallen off my DMV record due to time transpired). I know drivers that were hired with speeding tickets on their DMV record. For that matter, I know of drivers that had much more egregious issues with their license than what you are talking about when they were hired.
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    HR reads these threads, you are DQ'd already for not having the wherewithall to search for your own answer.
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    After you sign the list and when they finally pick you to drive they check back three years and you can't have any incidents within the last year. Since it will probably be a couple of years before you get a chance to drive go ahead and work pt. The only thin they check for you to work pt is your criminal recorded if your a thief than go find another job.
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    Yea being PT in the warehouse isnt as bad as it semms...yes ur guna be considered the " rookie " and most likely be a loader, but you need to look at the bright side...you get benifits...well now ..u gotta be there a year for them, when i was hired, I got health and dental after 3 months, and vision after 1 yr...now everything is 1yr...you get paid holidays and vacation ( after 1 yr ) but that is GREAT for P/T....I started at $8.50 as a loader...now im a pick off making $11.40...and there are other P/Ters making alot more than that..which is AWESOME for being part time..think about it..im only there a yr and a half..and ive gotten a $2.90 cent raise so far... :) just bite the bullet and do your time...it will be worth it in the long run...not to mention im in the onion :)