IBT proposal thus far.

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    KOC, thank you for posting this link.

    I urge everyone to click on the link and read the proposed changes, which are underlined in bold print. No more golf carts. Idling when the outside temp is 32 or below. Size and weight limits on Surepost going to Post Office.
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    This sounds good:
    "Section 6. Building Heat
    Centers will be heated, where practical. All buildings (including satellites) will have building heat and be reasonably heated, with a minimum maintained heat of fifty (50) degrees."

    Week language:
    "Except for serious accidents, where the driver may be presumed to be at fault, a driver will not be removed from the payroll or his/her classification during an investigation of the accident."

    This is good:
    "All Package Cars will be equipped with in-cab fans; all package cars currently equipped with fans shall be repaired and replaced as needed. No fan shall be removed from a Package car that is currently equipped with a fan."

    Yuck, 5 more year:
    "All package cars without power steering, adequate ventilation and lower cab entry steps will be replaced by the end of this Agreement."

    More weak language:
    "Package Car and Feeder drivers will be allowed to idle their respective vehicles while on lunch and/or break when the outside temperature is below or near 32 degrees Fahrenheit."

    Just some of what I got from the proposal. Will finish reading it later.
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    This is good:
    "Part-time employees shall be given the opportunity to fill full-time jobs before hiring from the outside on a six eight for-one basis (six (6) eight (8) part-time to every one (1) outside hire)."

    Will save some workers a few bucks:
    "Additionally, an employee shall not be subject to any additional fees imposed by the Employer if the garnishment or wage assignment is for court ordered child support or alimony."
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    KOC, was the 6:1 crossed out in favor of the 8:1?
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    YES, it did not copy the way it reads. Or at least my poor PC skills could not duplicate it the way it was written.
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    Some pretty costly proposals in there and I can understand why economic proposals will not be submitted until a later date ... there may not be any money left!

    I guess this is the equally outrageous response to UPS's initial proposal.
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    some truth to what you say.
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    hall just up the ante.
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    They cant be hurting too bad, they just spent another 200 million on the new dividend raise.How can UPS cry poor?They are just trying to hide money!.....$10 an hour raise for everyone!!
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    Ya hoax, there is "no money left" get serious, UPS just spent 10's of millions of dollars to sponsor the Ferrari Race team in F1! You think thats money well spent vs. spending it on the employees?

    To you, sounds like that is another "Optimal Decision", eh?


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    I totally disagree w the 8 to 1 language. All new hires should have to start part time. As a former casual. It is a sell out. My 1st ten years. No vacations (now w 25 yrs just got my 4th week). No rovers. No nothing. All hires should start from the part time ranks. Sell out!!!!
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    Costly to whom exactly? Not the people whose blood sweat and tears (literally) make this company what it is. So who is it costiing in your opinion?
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    My center would be finding a new home for our satellite, currently housed in an unheated storage unit with no bathroom.
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    It might be money well spent, if it generates more revenue than it costs.
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    Hoaxster is the King of sarcasism.
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    I assume your kidding ... costly in that it costs money.

    You have solid gold faucets in your home? Probably not because it is too costly.

    Geez, I guess this goes to show we let anybody post on here don't we? :biting:
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    Sounds similar to our satellite.. a vacant lot with a connex storage trailer. The sort is done outside in the elements and yes this means packages piled up on the ground and/or in the snow.
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    plus 1. anything that makes a driver more comfortable. cuts down fatigue. makes them more productive in the long term.

    would be a good investment for the company. listen up Atlanta.