I'm interested in a job at UPS

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by baseballfan396, Oct 24, 2006.

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    I have a few older friends of mine that are currently employed at UPS and they recommended me to get up off my lazy ass and get a job there haha. I'm a current college student just trying to get by pretty much. I've heard about all the great benefits you receive and what not. Basically what i'm asking is, is the job worth it? Thanks everyone.

  2. browniehound

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    In one word "NO"
  3. $killed Labor

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    Well it depends. If you in college, its not a bad way to get some benefits working part time. No other job will allow that. Yeahs its hard work for the money. But what one of my co workers said when he started off " I got this job for beer money"
    You going to get mixed answers on this. If you dont mind hard work then go for it. If not then don't.
    Its not for everyone thats for sure.

    All jobs or careers you going to have some type of politics and drama. UPS is no different. Might be more intense in those departments though.
  4. Any job you get with UPS will require you to work for every penny you earn. My personal opinion is that any job with UPS is not worth it unless you plan on making UPS a career. If you're willing to give a 110% to get ahead then you will do well. If you're just looking for a little money then you will not last long.