I'm sick and tired of you Drivers

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Edman32, Nov 18, 2010.

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    I'm part-time sup, but I must say you drivers that are yelling at us about touching packages MAKES ME SICK! All were doing is trying to get you out on the road faster. I don't understand what the big deal is. I know if I was a driver I could give 2 hoots what boxes sups touch. I don't care if its in the contract or not you are just delaying your start time by not allowing us to help out. Stop being so ignorant and just worry about your deliveries instead of trying to sit around waiting for us to touch boxes. GET A LIFE!
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    Wow, this thread will get interesting late tonight when drivers get home. OK, I will state the obvious.........why weren't there not enough Preloaders there to do the job, instead of sending people home before the Sort gets wrapped? In some instances, like supervisors shuttling missed pieces out to drivers, or a supervisor breaking a jam on a conveyor belt, I don't mind much. Our supervisors don't get paid to do extra work that the union employee failed to do correctly in the first place. When you have drivers filing grievances inside the building, its because the company contractually agreed that this is hourly work, the purpose is to protect the preloader's job.
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    I'm sick and tired of sups stealing money from their employees. It's not their work to do. If you want to get drivers out on time hire more workers and lay off more supps. We clearly have too many sups if they have enough time to do hourly work and not their own jobs.
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    Can't wait for THIS one to play out!!!
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    We have enough pre-loaders... Everyone on my belt loads 2-3 cars.. But b/c of the holiday season some guys are stacked out a little more which were just trying to help them out a little to catch up.. THATS IT.. Don't u guys have anything better to do then sit around and wait until we touch boxes so u can go sign grievances? Get a life..and worry about your job at hand not what's going on in the pre-load.
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    Shouldn't you be worried about something other than the people worried about sups doing bargaining unit work? :wink2:
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    I used to think the same thing, then I looked at the big pic.
    You need to do the same.
    Getting stacked out means the volume is increasing, plus they start the loaders so late....................
    Its like this is the first time Christmas has came.
    It is hourly work, you have yours, we have ours, and handling boxes is not in your job description, except in extreme cases. And an increase in volume, is not one of them in December and November.
    Not your fault, your management team should have planned, they did not and expect you to take the flack when your preload team cant do it.
    Trust me, they dont know how to do it, most of them so the blame lies with you. Look at the volume estimates, if they will let you. Keep your hands off boxes, and when it doesnt get done, so be it. They need to hire, end of story.
    Because your job is to supervise the loading the trucks, and run efficiently, not help us get on the road. when there were not enough preloaders. I might buy this Christmas week, not now.
    PS I was a part time sup on the preload for 8 yrs, I know of what I speak.
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    Were Supervisors... We make sure things are running smoothly and safe.. if someone needs a little help for a minute were glad to step in and help them out so YOU GUYS can get home to your family's faster. If you guys are going to argue about us touching packages.. then STEP up and take over the area that needs a little more help. Don't just say something then run away and sign grievances.. Help out then.... wouldn't that be logic?
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We are also not allowed to touch any packages until our start time.

    You are a supervisor--if you want to load package cars you should have stayed a preloader.
  10. Big Babooba

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    I'm going to let you in on a little secret - DON'T TELL ANYBODY!!! Supervisors supervise. Supervisors are permitted to work for training, to demonstrate safety or in case of an emergency. I'm going to tell you another secret - just between you and me, OK? Christmas comes on December 25th. It's been on December 25th for the last couple of years or so. Peak season doesn't fit the definition of an emergency. The package volume always seems to increase around this time - I don't know why, is it just coincidence? Hire the people and the preload will wrap on time. Simple isn't it? Christmas always seems to sneak up on management.
  11. stevetheupsguy

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    What is a supervisor's job?

    Secondly, I think the OP/Instigator should use this color font, for identification purposes.
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    Well said. They act like its a big suprise it has been December 25th for a little more than a few yrs has it not?
    I understand your need to succeed but people way over your head AGREED, to a contract, that said you keep your mitts off pkgs, and now you have to hold them to it.
    Your heart is in the right place, but when your arse is in a hearing, you will be all alone. Read the many threads on here about pt sups. You are in a lose lose situation. Dont worry about us, we will never get home on time. We never have and never will. You helping doesnt help us and it hurts your crew. They will tell you its coz we are lazy, but the really dark secret is, we are overwhelmed, like you, and have no secret helper in the back, which is what you helping does.
    Do you not look at the numbers? Those numbers might look fine because you used your help to get it done based on volume, which isnt counted into the time, so its not a true record of what you do. If you help 10 guys for 10 minutes, that is almost another pt that you hurt by putting in your time for free. They may have got an extra 10 minutes pay, you are taking it away. Then if there are 5 pt supes that do the same thing, there are 2 or three jobs.
    They agreed to the rules, none of us had much to say. Most of us say heck yea help out at peak, not in November. There are ways to get it done, except in extreme situations. One of them is being forced to do what they said they would do, hire people when necessary.

    And as Upstate said, we are not allowed to start before start time, unless someone tells us to and we get paid, and neither are YOU. If we did that same thing,. stealing work from the ptimers, and most of us dont do that, we would be working for free just like you are.
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    Haven't been a sup very long, have you? Your own ignorance is all out there.
  15. browniehound

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    Why does it "make you sick"? Is it that you can't make your hourly numbers without sticking you hands into their jobs? Its all clear to me now, you can't make your numbers so you help certain pulls get wrapped. Why not just start those pulls 10 minutes earlier? Right, you can't because its your job to supervise the operation to be finished in the alloted time alocated by IE. Don't blame your failures on the drivers, please.

    Also, don't think for one second that you are doing us (drivers) any favors but getting us out earlier with your help, because you're not. We get paid by the hour and every minute we have to wait for your incomptent PT Sups to wrapped the preload is more money in my pocket. Its a very simple solution binded by our bilaterally agreed upon contract. Either start the preload earlier or hirer more workers, but never do our jobs.

    In other words, keeps your hands off our packages because you are taking money out of our pockets and food off of my table.

    Would you like it if I came to your house and made my self a plate of your mother's (I know you don't live on your own) supper and drank her milk? I didn't think so! Unemployement is near 10% in this country, please don't add to this number by doing a job that is not yours...
  16. dillweed

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    edman, if you're a sup you should know by now that ups doesn't make sense. It's a union shop and there should be a copy of the contract available for you to read. Hourlies do hourly work and that's the way it is. If the drivers need to get out on time management needs to get the preload in earlier.

    Don't complain about our drivers or state that they should load their own pkgs. It's not their job to load and they already have enough to do. If you want to complain, take it to your higher ups and let them know that changes need to be made so you don't feel the need to violate the contract.
  17. Monkey Butt

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    I must say you all took it pretty easy on edman ... maybe it is because he seems to care about his drivers in a weird sort of way.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It's early yet--the Joe Unions are just now getting home.
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    All I hear is "WAAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"
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    ...there are plenty of drivers available every morning, to fix this problem..........you send home preloaders making less than $10.00/hr.........DUH..DUH......let the drivers load @ 40.00+ /hr. (it's the equivalent of OT)........my answer to your explanation...........keep your hands off of the pkgs