Im Voting Republican!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by BrownShark, Jul 13, 2008.

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    Wow, you finally got it?:smart:
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    Click on the second line that sez

    Im voting republican....

    It appears someone modified my post and the link does not appear correctly..!

    If they didnt, then its just a freak of computer nature!

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    BS, I think your link must have been posted while I was goofing around with the software settings. It used to retrieve labels when links were posted from remote sites, but I switched just that off to reduce the server load. I was testing functionality at about the time you posted.

    Here's the link you originally posted:

    Here's the embedded video:

    I'm Voting Republican
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    You've finally seen through all of Obama's pretty words, empty promises and campaign fluff!!:happy-very:
    Maybe you're not the hope & change lemming that I had you made out to be and together we can make sure you have an America you feel proud of once again...!:peaceful:

    Took a while but you finally got it, congrats!:clap:
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    Did anyone watch the clip. It's a spoof on Republicans being a bad choice. BrownShark is pulling your collective legs!!
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    We are pulling his leg saying he has wised up..Who really cares who he votes for or for that matter who I vote for?We will cancel each other out then....Not a big deal at all!..ahahahaha
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    Not pulling my legs...I must say I like the way he says he's voting republican not once but twice, maybe with the extra vote he has the power to keep the dems out of office now and with his new realization that the dems will fail he can recruit others and they too will have the double vote power.:happy-very:

    Who cares what his propaganda ( video says!!:wink2:
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    Just another example by BS of why not to vote for any Republican,,, not one reason to vote FOR Obama.... everything he posts is how horrible Repub's are.. not how great his man is
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    BS must have realized that Obama would take half of everything he earns.
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    Republican strategy relying on more negative, nasty, and fear mongering campaigning with a secondary strategy of running FROM real issues plaguing this Nation and our foriegn policy. If they continue to have a strategy of going hard and negative, all I can say is get ready in Nov for blowback !
    Republicans are going to have to re-think the branding of the party in the very near future. The idea of a war-profiteering, relentless spending and borrowing, and corrupt political manuevers is not going to gain them many new votes - no matter how maverick their nominee pretends to be.
    Not a good year to be a will take years to create a new image and message, starting with eradicating the influence of the Neo-Cons and Evangelicals. For the first time in this countries history, it might be a perfect formula to impregnate a serious third political party. So if you feel proud of our foriegn policy, nat'l debt, the sorry state of our economy, the weaken dollar, selling our childrens inheritance to China, Japan and Suadi Arabia, and the Corp giants using Washington leaders as puppets....then go ahead and vote Republican. If Obama somehow self-destructs and elected Dem's continue to be spineless and not stand up to Republican fillerbusting, I would'nt even consider voting Rep....I would have to jump on Wkmac's bandwagon and go Independent or Ron Paul. BTW BS....thx for a good laugh with that video.:peaceful:
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    You have described my opinion of the liberal democrats..Enjoy your spin!
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    This is exactly why the democratic congress has a single digit approval rating...They get absolutley nothing done!! They not only run from real issues (Oil/gas prices) they pretend they don't exist. All the while they go off half cocked believing that Global Gore warming is the man made and the issue of our time....Go figure...:sick::sick: I'm getting all green just talking about it.

    And when was the last year it was good to be a democrat??:happy-very: Was it the years of Monica's boyfriend??? Or how about Jimmy peanuts Carter?? Please, talk about embarrassing, makes you wana cry..:sad-very: To be or not to be a Republican?? Since you're obviously not one how do your really know?? It's not only a good year to be one my friend, it's always a great year to be a Capitalist with the entrepreneurial spirit and pride to stand on your own two feet without government getting in the way and screwing things up..:biting:

    Then get ready to change your party. I here the other candidate..what's his name...?? Oh yeah McCain...He's attracting all kinds of Independent voters...:peaceful:
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    Yeah I was going to say the same thing. Like how they like to scare people with the Iraq War, the economy, and "Bush Politics." Well, the Iraq War is going extremely well, despite what the liberal media wants people to think. The economy is down but not out but when did it really start? Seems it was right when the liberal media noticed that we'd had a month and a half of negative economic growth (as if that hasn't happened a millions times through out our history) and used that chance to start screaming about a recession. It worked. People got scared and started cutting back. Being more tight with their money just in case it was true and the end result was a downward spiral. Things aren't as bad as the liberals are hoping though. And for their "four more years of Bush" psycho babble......I'm still waiting on them to point out exactly what Bush has done that was so bad? If all they can come up with is the Iraq War then they are surely placing equal blame on the lefties in congress that approved of the war right? LOL! WRONG! I'm not even sure they can use that ammo any more though with the way things are going in Iraq right now. So, what will the libs think of next? Should be interesting.

    Oh by the way....I heard the democrat majority congress dipped below their already record low approval rating to a mind blowing 9% LOL! Keep up the good work fellas. Gee.....I hope this is an indication of things to come if Obama is elected.
  16. tourists24

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    havent you been paying attention to all of the positive things Shark has posted on here about why we should vote FOR Obama.... he is very experienced and qualified.... keep up with the times man
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    I picture you with your pinky poking your cheek laughing like "Austin Power's" Dr Evil character with that evil laugh at the end of your post:devil:

    Ouch....Truth hurts, doesn't it.
    BTW...Doesn't bad gas come from Number 2...Dr Evil's right hand man?

    I disagree...Obama has attracted more Independent voters than both Hillary and McCain. And as long as McCain aligns himself with Bush and the Democrats remain spineless in Congress, the Independents are going to stay independents or stay home and twiddle their thumbs blaming both parties for failed partisan politics and saying "see, I told you so"
  18. tieguy

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    you really think so? Did you see the above video. That captures quite a bit of fear mongering that democrats routinely lay at the feet of the republicans.
  19. wkmac

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    Your overall point about the Republicans having to re-group is very true and there are those rethinking in that direction. I serious doubt however that much will come of it.

    As for voting Ron Paul 3rd party? He been pretty adamant that he will not nor entertain such ideas and have told people to educate themselves on the issues and the Constitution and then vote accordingly as to where that knowledge leads them. He refuses to endorse any single candidate or party which many find completely refreshing since many folks who joined the Ron Paul revolution come from very diverse political backgrounds .

    As for now, Ron seems devoted towards the ideas he expressed in his new book, "The Revolution: A Manifesto" in which he advocates a return to the organic founding principles of the country among other things.

    We're all human and you never know when a person is presented with something that the better angels of our nature can't resist so I'll never go so far as to say Ron will never go 3rd party but at this time he seems focused in a different direction.

    In another thread, I posted a link mainly for Jones benefit but I think you might appreciate some of it as well. It is from an avowed Austrian economic, anarcho-libertarian so I will warn you but I think you'll appreciate the larger message about the dangers of Gov't-business partnerships that he is expounding on. Also, it's not a long read either.

    I take it you've put the truck up on concrete blocks and are 2 wheeling everyday with the gas prices. If things get much worse I'm gonna dump the chick and start riding that mini-bike in my avatar!


    Then again, I could keep the chick and you can call me "Sleezy Rider!"
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    Tie is correct but so is D IMHO. When neither candidate have any real new and exciting ideas and when you boil them both down, it will all equal about the same, the only thing left to do is to attack the opposing candidate personally at every turn to manipulate the thinking of the American public. I don't need the voice of Rev. Wright, the name of Bill Ayers or the so-called muslim name of the candidate to make me not vote for Obama. The issues and my own principles do that job very well, thank you very much. Same is true about McCain and all the stuff this has/is/will come out about him.

    We're so stupid as a nation that we can be manipulated by acts that in a sane world would only come from obnoxious children on a school playground. No wonder a bunch of moronic religious nuts living in caves have us so gripped in fear that we can no longer live free lives!