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    Hello everybody, my first thread so will I attempt to make it coherent and straightforward. I have been working at UPS since about this time last year, and this time last year we were getting between 65-75 doors a night (midnight sort). Of course near Christmas we were around 110-120. Well Christmas has come and gone and is nearly here again, and since last Christmas my hub has had over 90 doors nearly every night, occasionally in the 80's (Sunday). Has every hub had it the same way? We are constantly hiring more people but it just doesn't seem to be making a big difference.
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    What is a door?
  3. UPSaxel

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    I did not forsee this. I am a sorter, used to be an unloader. It is the number of trucks we unload per sort. I guess it would only make sense to those working with inbound packages?
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    UPSaxel, in the centers, the "local sort" unloads just the package cars and there isn't a day or night shift. I transferred from a small center to a large hub and there were a lot of new terms for me to learn.
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    What is behind door #2
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    A paper truck.
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    Huh, so what you're saying is they don't have to unload any dropframes or anything like that in smaller hubs, just all package cars? And they get to sleep when normal people sleep, very intriguing.

    And yes I got stuck sorting two paper trucks tonight :(
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    Even in my hub we don't call them doors. We call them anything from loads, to trucks, to feeders, but never doors.

    Here's another one for the center people who may not know, at break we needed about another 30 homes to go.

    Oh yeah, in regards to your volume, as far as I know we haven't had a significant increase of any kind from last year to this year, kinda stayed within 10 grand for the volume from a year ago so that doesn't affect the load count too much.
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    I've heard them called doors, or "doors left to turn". etc Very common here .
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    Behind the green door? lol