Info from some FedEx ground drivers today...

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    Hey guys, been awhile...

    Heard from 2 FedEx ground drivers that they were informed about a huge hire, their words, that UPS is having this Spring. They were told UPS is looking for experienced drivers.

    Assuming this is true, which is why I am asking about it here, it raises a crap ton of questions. I am only curious if anyone else has heard anything similar to it...

    Sorry the info is vague.
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    Check in the Feeder News Network Forum
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    My guess lots off people retiring before the new contract. Doesn't mean a bunch of off the street hires will happen though. Just means the wait may be 10 years instead of 15 at some centers.

    This is just a guess.
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    6 to 1 in southeast - inside to off the street. I just don't think they will be hiring that many . I would say its a UPS lottery that these Fedex ground guys will be playing. That is if Mgmt doesn't want to put one of their cronies in the position.
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    Will put this here because a new topic was not needed. Friday, was unseasonably warm here in Indiana. Might have damn near hit 60. Leaving an apartment complex office. Fedex guys says "Damn you guys are lucky". Just kept it to "huh?". He then enlightens me that they can get fired for having the drivers side door open.
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    Yes and no. I was "called up" at 11, the guy beneath me at 10. But then we had two flunkies fail to make book. Both were around 5-6 years. There seems to be a glut of lazy assed fools in our hub. Don't want the hard work/responsibility of driving. They want a "combo job". Why did I put it in quotes? Because they are a myth. Got one :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: particularly in mind. More seniority than myself. Shoots me daggers all the time. Passed on driving because he thought he was going to slack his ass off with some combo job. Present day. I'm making bank driving, and he is mad butthurt working on the bulk belt..
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    Nope. I'm betting they hire the bare bones minimum until the contract is up.
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    didnt someone say that they were written up for not grabbing a ups. Both companies could give a rats :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: about their employees...
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    In my facility, the wait to go into driving is more than 10 years ("winning" bidders last spring each had at least 12 years with the company). There's another facility less than 10 miles away in which the wait is less than 5 years, with the "winning" bidders last summer each having 3-4 years with the company. In the CS region, we have the right to transfer within our local... and yet nobody does. I'll never understand why.

    BTW, I wouldn't characterize PTers with no interest in driving as being "lazy." On my Preload, there's well over 300 PTers -- the majority of which are over 40, work two jobs (the other may be "house wife") and are here exclusively for the benefits. Another sizable chunk consists of persons under 25 working their first jobs with no interest in UPS as a career.
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    Makes me wonder how a couple of FedEx ground contractors are getting a heads up on a hiring blitz by the competition.
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    Their Boss probably said "better get your application in at UPS" (cause i'm gonna fire your lazy butt)
    They took it as, job openings.. The boss just wants them gone.. ;)
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    I think the OP or the contractors got it backwards. We have had it suggested that we retain the drivers we hired for peak because of shippers prepping for a UPS strike. Could this be it? I don't see a strike happening, but I would not put it past Fedex using the opportunity to try to get and retain a portion of volume if not become the primary carrier for many.
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    Express or Ground? If it was Express he was correct. If it was Ground then all bets are off.
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    at our center we have about 45 drivers. about 15-20 will be retiring within 5 years. right now there appears to be about 2-3 part timers that want to be drivers. they've been seasonal drivers for a few years now and from what i've heard they haven't been able to keep pace. we've had helpers and supes working the last few weeks too...i'm kinda wondering what the plan is
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    Haha...plan. That's good!
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    Looking at our seniority list we could have 1/3 of our workforce retire at my center in the next 5-8 years. 25-35 years ago ups expanded pretty rapidly all across the country and hired many drivers. I'm sure the company as a whole is looking at a lot of retirements over the next ten years.
  18. 7-1 where I'm at, and a 7 year wait. But I made my ft seniority in one year.
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    I see a certain Fedex Ground driver who drives with the bulk-head door AND the rear door open, wtf.

    He's like Honey Badger, he don't give a s...
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    Ground Drivers aren't held to many(or any) standards compared to the Express Couriers.. I once had a Ground Driver who would leave his truck idle(on the dock) as he delivered a 8 story office building.