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    I had a few questions for anyone who might have some knowledge of things at the Pleasantdale hub. I saw recently on UPS Jobs that this particular hub is hiring part time package handlers. I would eventually like to get on full time within a few years either driving a package car or feeder.

    How many years on average have the package handlers had to work there before getting an opportunity into either cover driver or full time driver positions?

    Will there be any possibility of many upcoming retirements at this hub within the next few years?

    What has been this hub's full time hiring history lately?

    Are the possibilities better at getting into package car driving or feeder driving?

    If this specific hub isn't the best option to take, then which other Atlanta area hubs would you recommend?

    What type of full time jobs are some of the package handlers doing in order to make up for enough income?

    Any advice you could provide I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Is that your picture?
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    He has been here since 10-14 look at his profile
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    No matter what you ask there is no gurantee with UPS. You can go into package after a year or 20. Nobody can truely give you a time frame.
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    Watch out for that Atlanta sun.
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    I've been in Roswell center for 15years, Pdale is a large hub. The areas that you'd be delivering to when you go FT aren't as good as the ones up here. Also time it takes to go FT, from what I've heard, is a lot longer than up here in Roswell. As a matter of fact we just posted 4 cover driver postions last week and only three people have signed up so far. We recently promoted a bunch of PT guys to FT as well, no layoffs since I've been here. If you're looking for good center not in the city, yet growing fast enough to get your driving sooner, check out center out.
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    I am 22 years old and have always liked the idea of working for UPS. I am a college student and was wondering if anyone here works out of Alpharetta? How long does it take to become a driver? Is it worth the wait to become a driver??
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    We have a Hub near you in Roswell and a much larger one on Pleasantdale Rd. near Spaghetti Junction. We have several members on here that work those two places, hopefully they can give you more specifics. I work in Forest Park.
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    Thanks for the response
  11. Tyler92B

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    What is the expected waiting time to become a driver in Roswell for a person whois young and has a strong work ethic?
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    About the same as someone who is old and lazy. You don't move up in this company because of your age or the fact that you're a gunner. Everything is based on seniority.
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    The link lives!
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    You sure you want to work in Georgia; lots of rednecks down there. Names like Billy Ray.....
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    I thought everyone there had the middle name of Bob. Billy Bob, Ray Bob, etc...
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    Use your degree.
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    Not necessarily Old Goober Gray
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    OK Monkey Bob.