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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by DianUS, May 28, 2009.

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    I was working as a holiday part-time driver's runner. I was injured Dec. 3, 2008 out of the Akron OH office. I reported the injury and said I would not be back to work. I worked 1 1/2 days total. The manager called me a few times and that was that. I went to the MD after I realized it wasn't getting any better. It was my family MD. He said that I had patellar sublaxation and that it will be a long time to heal. Well its been 6 mos and it is still not any better.

    Here's the problem: I contacted the UPS office and got several numbers to call. No one will return my call. I have dialed at least 15 different numbers to no avail! I keep getting passed around. I tried to see a specialist and they won't see me until I submit some kind of form??

    Does anyone have a number of someone at UPS that I can call to get this resolved?? ...Someone that will return my call? I don't want to go to an attorney, but I feel as tho I will be forced to! I am in constant pain and I can't get any help!

    HELP!!!??? Does anyone know out there???:whiteflag:
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    I would bet my paycheck that the first words out of UPS's mouth would be pre-existing condition. Helpers are not given physicals so UPS has no idea if they are hurt and trying to get treatment on their dime. When you reported it, did the sup that you spoke to talk to the driver that you were helping to confirm your story? Have you spoken to the driver since this happened?
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    did you fill out injury paperwork? from the QUICK reading on this sort of injury its usually caused overtime or have a pre disposition caused by a narrow groove wear the patella sits.... itd be hard to argue with UPS if you didnt fill out paperwork and it maybe hard to argue with this injury anyway
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    Get an attorney. Sorry.
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    A quick google search turned up some interesting information:

    What causes patellar subluxation?
    There are dozens of factors implicated in the cause of patellar subluxation. The bottom line is that it is probably the contribution of several factors that lead to instablitiy of the kneecap. Possible factors include:

      • A wider pelvis
      • A shallow groove for the kneecap
      • Abnormalaties in gait
    What on earth did the OP do to cause such an injury?

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    Then you are in trouble my friend. Good Luck!
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    Yea I saw the same thing, one article said a lot of young atheletes get them as well because of ligaments not being as tense as they should be or something og that sort.
  8. DianUS

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    I was never asked to fill out any paperwork regarding the injury. I have the name of the driver. He may remember me bc his first helper was on Jury duty when he got me. I only lasted half day and he had to call for another helper.

    As for the predisposed to having this injury... I am 53 yes old. I an very athletic. I have never in my life had any sort of injury to my knees... Ever. I ski, bike, hike, swim on a regular basis... never a problem.

    I will try a few more calls then I will contact an Atty. What really sucks is that I can't just go see a specialist and have my own insurance cover it because it happened at ups.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This is why they shouldn't hire the elderly to be helpers. j/k

    I do feel sorry for you and your situation. It would have been one thing had you filled out the paperwork and placed the phone call to Liberty Mutual but since you did neither of these things and were only employed for 1.5 days I do believe that you may be out of luck as far as having UPS pay for your treatment. You are also out of luck as far as comp goes because the injury was not reported.

    If you do go see an attorney, make sure it is a lawyer who does not charge for the initial consultation. Bring what little documentation you have and be prepared to face the reality that you do not have a very strong case.

    I wish I had better advice for you but the fact that you have no documentation with the UPS logo on it is going to come back to bite you. Good luck.
  10. DianUS

    DianUS DianUS

    Elderly? Hardly. Just wait til u are 53... I was more than capable of doing that job. As I stated earlier I am in great shape. Carrying boxes up and down driveways was not going to be a big deal. I was one of the younger driver's helpers in the interview room. I gathered it was difficult to find bodies to fill these positions. I was between jobs and thought this would be a match.

    I DID report the injury. I was never asked to fill anything out. I had no idea what the procedures were. How was I to know that contacting them would prove to be so difficult.

    I will just end up going to another MD and lie about how it happened.

    You would think that a company as big as they are would treat their employees better.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    j/k = just kidding
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    Yes you would and no they don't.
    Keep this in mind if you do hire an attorney(if you can get one to take this weak case)it will probably go to trial. That does take time depending on your areas case load.You will most likely lose and still be hurting.
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    I've been injured (on and off the clock) and have NEVER had an issue with how UPS handled the bills, etc. To tell the truth, as far as medical insurance goes and the like, we have it much better than about 75% of the people out there.
    As to your case, I don't really know how you thought this would turn out. You got hurt 1 day in, never filled out any paperwork (if you don't write it down, it didn't happen) and are now confused as to why you aren't getting whatever it is you think you ought to get. And you're 53? In all your years, you've never dealt with having to report anything to your employer?
  14. DianUS

    DianUS DianUS

    No my 53 years I have never been injured by an employer. I didn't report to any office. I was working from home and would meet a driver at a reataurant. When I initially got hurt I just thought I'd take one for the team, suck it up, i'd heal and be on my way. I never thought in a million years I would have any permanent damage.

    I had no idea that no one would believe me when I tried to contact someone. I just think it's shi**y that no one there will even return my calls.

    Obviously I'm not getting anywhere with some of u boneheads so I will be on my own as I was from the start. I am not a :censored2:... I know what my options are at this point.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Grandpa, relax. You come on here asking for our advice and then call us boneheads. I have been polite to this point but now the gloves come off.

    You brought all of this upon yourself by not following procedure regarding reporting injuries. You then think that your 1.5 days of employment entitle you to special treatment. For all we know you slipped while taking a shower that morning, tweaked your knee, and then aggravated it while on road with the driver. Yet you thought you'd take one for the team and try to walk it off so you didn't bother reporting it. Did you even bother going to get it checked out that day? Probably not.

    Fast forward 6 months. You come here to Brown Cafe because your knee is screwed up and you want UPS to pay for treatment for an injury that you did not bother reporting or seek medical attention for in a timely manner. You come here asking for help and when the help is not what you want to hear you call us boneheads. The only bonehead you will find is the one looking back at you when you shave in the morning.

    Don't waste your time looking for a lawyer. I don't think even Jackie from Seinfeld would be stupid enough to take this case.
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    im always afraid of this when im using a helper. i always give them a talk about seat-belts/ being careful (not sying the op did it) but if they want to hurt themselves i cant really do anything... would rather just be by myself (unless they are really hot-and a girl! ;)
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    Not me I'll take all the help I can get HOT or NOT.One less time I have to get in and out of that P800 with the 40in first step!!!
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    Well put Upstate !!
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    Grandpa???? HAHAHAHAHA
    Remind my UpState, how old are you?

    btw, good post.
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