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  1. LKLND3380

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    Everyone should be getting their InsideUPS over the next couple days and I am wondering...

    How much did UPS pay to have someone dream up the "Dominoes of UPS Service?"

    How much did UPS pay to have someone design the "Dominoes of UPS Service?"

    How much did UPS pay to have someone print the "Dominoes of UPS Service" poster?

    How much did UPS pay to have the "Dominoes of UPS Service" poster folded and inserted into the InsideUPS magazine?

    Go to your print shop and ask about 4 color printing on one side and black on the other... Ask about how much it costs 'per fold'... Ask about how much it costs to insert...

    I am guessing the graphic design/layout alone wasn't cheap as well...

    Was it money well spent? I don't know, I just skimmed through the magazine looking for anything interesting. I couldn't tell you anything about it. It looks like an overpriced flow chart that means nothing to me on the preload...

    Someone wanna give the "Cliff's Notes" version?
  2. BCFan

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    there goes my raise :crying: BC (not Bill Clinton)
  3. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member keep saying, not Bill Cosby, not British Colombia, not Bing Crosby, etc...

    Just what does BC stand for??:confused:1
  4. hoser

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    you're forgetting the other end: the return on investment. you can whine about any cost or expendutre but it means absolutely nothing if you don't factor in why they're doing it and how it will pay in the end.
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    It stands for Brown Cafe Fan, evidently.
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    It means the Yankees ruled BC (before Christ)
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    I'm not a huge fan of "Inside UPS". It is so boring and dry and rarely has an article that really interests me. When I read "Big Brown" the author mentioned that he had been the editor, or something, of the first UPS publication and that it tended to lean in favor of the hourly perspective. I'd like to see something like that. Something not too corporate, yet, not a bunch of disgruntled employee material.
  8. moreluck

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    BAU....the publication was called The Big Idea. Greg Niemann was the head and each area had their own editors. My hubby was an editor in Utah and the paper had all sorts of local-type news.......who had a new baby, an interesting vacation, etc. The news was about your fellow UPS'ers in the area. I knew most of the people I was reading about. It was a fun paper.
  9. DS

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    When I was in my 5th or 6th year at ups,we actually had a suggestion box.I suggested that the "big idea" that was
    being mailed to us was giving our competition money when
    it would be more logical to have it sent here to our
    main hub by ups and we could just grab one on the way out.
    It happened and I guess some up and coming center manager
    got credit for my idea.cest la vie.
  10. rapidrandall

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    The Big Idea was a fun magazine with each center having it's own reporter writing monthly about their center and it's people. It was about people we knew and that was why it was fun. Thanks for a good remembrance.
  11. rebel

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    My guess is Boston College.
  12. old levi's

    old levi's I use to care... but things have changed

    InsideUPS = WALOC :huh:
  13. LKLND3380

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    That is my point... What is the return on the investment?

    I popped open the poster, skimed over it, decided it meant nothing to me and discarded it...

    I am pretty sure I could find 30+ UPSers at my center that feel the same way...

    I would guess that I could find 500+ UPSers that feel the same way in the state of Florida alone.

    I would further estimate that could be 15,000+ UPSers that got nothing from the poster on a national level... I think my numbers are VERY CONSERVATIVE...

    A simple PCM focused for: Preloaders, Drivers, etc. would have been more effective at a fraction of the cost...

    A poster on "Proper Footwear" would have been a more effective tool...
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    Good god Yankees have won 9 in a row. Cheryl pull his plug before his head explodes.
  15. tieguy

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    and its always fun to pull out an old copy and revisit the old days.
  16. retired2000

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    i was there when the big idea was around. i happened to save a few copies of it and every once in awhile i will drag them out and remember the "good old days" it is fun to look at the old pictures of fellow upsers back in the days. always make copies of them when we have a get together. they always get a chuckle out of people
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    :confused:1How about a contest 1st person with right answer gets 2 weekends off in a row!!!! :w00t: BC (not bailing cowboy)
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    :tongue_sm GREAT GUESS Scratch!!!! you are 100% absolutly incorrect:lol: BC..... (not Brown Cafe)
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    I actually think your user name comes from a fondness for BC Headache Powder that is due from job headaches and that wonderful Hotlanta sun we cook in everyday.:sweatdrop I meant to ask you when I had to pleasure? to meet you at the Weldon Mathis Labor Complex a little while back. Or maybe you are a fan of the BC caveman comic strip?:tongue_sm

    I still haven't figured out what the hell your avatar is. It doesn't have anything to do with your center manager does it?
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    You shouldn't be surprised, like most multibillion dollar companies. We trip over dollars to pick up a nickel.:confused:1