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    200 family deductable

    2000 deductable.

    My family was just added to our insurance. Ive never used it so idk what I'm talking about. What's the 2000? We pay the first "out of pocket ($2000) plus the family deductable($200) before insurance kicks in? So we pay all visits for doctors or eye exams until it reaches 2200 then insurance starts covering it after that?
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    Call the info number that is on the card or packet that you received. Ask the person that answers the same questions.
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    No. Call ur insurance for correct info. Period
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    The $2000 is major medical. (not really sure about what this covers) hospitals stays, and surgeries are 100% covered.

    The $200 is that you pay 20% of discounted rate until you hit the $200/family, $100/person.
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    Thank you!
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    fixed it for you
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    I believe the $2000 “out of pocket” that you are referring to means that you will never have to pay more than $2000 of your own in a year. Once you have hit that everything else is paid by insurance at 100%. It is not a deductible, it is a cap.