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    I just called our wonderful insurance to find out what if anything they pay on colonoscopy, only if you have colon cancer and are dying will they cover it of course after you have met your deductible, if it is a baseline for those of us that are 50 and recomended. Our doctor charges 1330.00 Now why will they not cover preventative, don't understand why they would rather pay more later!!!!!! Once again our union has done us in with this insurance and pension mess! We used to have the best now we have the worst.
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    First, is that the doctors charge or the doctor plus the facility cost? Where I live it is generally $1,000 for the doc plus $1,000 for the facility. Usually, both numbers are negotiable.

    Tell the doctor that you have no insurance for this procedure and ask what he would charge you directly. (Ask the facility too if that's a separate charge. Most doctors I've dealt with will give you either a price that insurance would actually pay or the Medicare reimbursement amount.

    By the way, they are not allowed to charge you less that Medicare if they accept any Medicare payments! Your friendly and helpful government at work here!!!
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    Thats interesting, how are you supposed to be diagnosed with colon cancer if they don't perform a colonoscopy.
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    Shouldn't you really be rubbing the sweat off your forehead in relief at this news? "That's right honey, the insurance won't cover it; looks like I'll just have to do without that exam."
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    ignorance is bliss I guess.
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    Does your ins. cover this........

    Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=0 align=right border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>[​IMG]</TD></TR><TR><TD>The digestive system
    Flexible sigmoidoscopy (SIG-moy-DAH-skuh-pee) enables the physician to look at the inside of the large intestine from the rectum through the last part of the colon, called the sigmoid or descending colon. Physicians may use the procedure to find the cause of diarrhea, abdominal pain, or constipation. They also use it to look for early signs of cancer in the descending colon and rectum. With flexible sigmoidoscopy, the physician can see bleeding, inflammation, abnormal growths, and ulcers in the descending colon and rectum.
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    While we are on the subject, we had a meeting at the building where the district sup was in attendance. One of the items under discussion was the overwhelming OT.

    Donald, one of my fellow drivers made the statement that he was sure something was wrong with his digestive tract.

    The district manager asked him what were the problems he had noticed.

    Donald, without even blinking an eye said "well, when I have to go to the bathroom, I cant even form a turd anymore. I guess its where you all have F%&#*d me so many times and for so long."

    Well for about a week, they did get the OT down to less than 9 hours.

    Anyway, sorry for derailing the thread.

    I had one done 5-6 years ago, and none of it came out of my pocket. Not sure if the teamsters insurance paid it all or my wifes insurance paid a portion of it. But I never paid a dime.

    What ever the cost, if you have any suspicions of something being wrong at the south end, getter checked out. And if the docs wont do it cheap enough, maybe your center manager will do it. After all, he spends most of his time on your ass?

    Best of luck!

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    JA, why do you want one? Do you have any symptoms?

    I had one last year, but I had symptoms that had to be checked out. Insurance paid for it all.
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    Our insurance has definitley cut back our benefits. I was just admitted to the hospital 2 days ago for chest pains. I went through emergency tuesday morning , had a ct scan and blood work done.The doctor wanted to keep me over nite for observation and do a stress test and more blood work today.Before they would admit me from ER to a room, I had to pay $105.00, up front, for a private room which shared a bathroom with the room next door. I questioned the financial staff about this and they said that they had contacted central states/blue cross and this was necessary for me to be admitted. In 23 years, I have never had to pay one penny up front when going to the ER and then being admitted to the hospital ( for me or any of my family) . Our health benefits continue to be cut.
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    I don't know where all this "bad" insurance talk is coming from. I recently went in for a reduction for my large unit and the copay was only $10. The reason the insurance company covered it was because I could not have intercourse with any females because I was too large and they deemed it medically necessary. That may be the reason for all my hostility.
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    Hank...hope everything's OK for you are so full of :censored2:!!
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    Yeah I am, I just wanted to pretend it was real for a few minutes. Thanks for taking it away!
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    Here in Canada we have health insurance but we pay dearly for it.
    15% tax on everything.But its nice just handing over the card at the hospital.For the record,I`ve had 2 colonoscopies and a big time hemmorhoid operation, same doctor 3 times.Just make sure you get put out.I was awake enough to see my first one...fantastic thks
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    Hey there lover, moreluck was talking about you and women together, not your ah your, well you know.

    But I guess when you stick it where it was never intended to be..........

    But then again, what ever rocks your boat.

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    That made absolutely no sense. I guess your implying again that I'm gay. *yawn* oh I mean sure danny thats hilarious. Very original.
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    I didnt imply, you did.

    But then again, you won. Still not sure what, but what ever it is, you won.

    But then again, what would one expect from a dillweed?

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    Do I really bother you this much? Who do I remind you of? Maybe a neglectful or abusive father figure perhaps?
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    No actually my father liked women. Only person I can think you remind me of is Ok, I'll admit it. I dont know a dillweed.

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    i had one a few years ago after a good friend found out to late he had cancer there, he passed away a year after he found out , i was 40 at the time had it done and they found paid it all except about 20$
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    As you can see, my opponent is very tempermental. How can we trust him? Remember, DIADLOVER IN '06!!