Interesting rumor I heard about brokerage COD's

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Mike23, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Mike23

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    I found this a little funny when I heard it from a supervisor. Apparently, Canada is the ONLY country that does these brokerage COD's. The reason being every other country has their drivers robbed regularly. It's not uncommon for drivers to come back to the building with over $1000 in cash. Is it true or just a myth?
  2. hurricanegunner

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    When UPS accepted cash, there were routes I ran where I would gather more than 20 thousand in cash. That's why UPS put those safes on the trucks. And when you could not find a supervisor to open the safes or count your cash upon return, guess who went over nine five?
  3. Brown287

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    We do brokerage COD's here in the states, but we no longer except cash. Now there needs to be a check or money order made out to UPS Brokerage. As far as the cash days, what a headache. I remember some routes that you would do and like what was said you would have tens of thousands of dollars by days end. The only positive was telling people that I didn't have change so by lunch time you would normally have lunch money.
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    There was nine five language back then?
  5. Tired Driver

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    hurricanegunner - not meaning to one up you , but collect over 65 thousand in 1 day. It took 1 hour & 15 minutes to count during turn in . Did not scratch that day.
  6. soberups

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    That blows away my old record of 14 thousand!!

    I remember one time I delivered about 2 grand worth of halide grow lights to a guy who was growing a bunch of dope in his basement. Apparently he was dealing it too...because he paid me in cash that apparently had been stored in his baggie of weed. It was a mishmash of 5's and 10's and 20's, all wadded up, and it was sticky with resins and it reeked with the odor of high-quality buds.

    I brought the money in that night and had my supervisor count it and sign off on the turn in slip; while he was counting it I watched his face carefully to see if he responded to the unmistakeable odor. He looked at me and blushed and then looked away; he was trapped, because to admit that he recognized the smell was pretty much the same as admitting that he had used it at some point in his life. I kept staring him down, and we finally both burst out laughing.:happy-very:
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    did you guys count it when you recieved it too?
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    Gee, looked at you and blushed...I bet the paranoia was setting in then...After that it turned to the giggles? For shame! Being high on company time the two of you ;)
  9. code5

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    Yes, I'm from Canada. Not only do we have brokerage tags, but we accept cash. This is actually the first time I heard that elsewhere doesn't accept cash. Yes, it sucks collecting cash.

    I have heard the powers that be are looking into doing away with the brokerage C.O.D's and simply billing the customers. That would be awesome. Every e-bay purchase has a brok. tag and thats just one shipper. Most drivers get about 20 brok. tags approx. per day.

    Most businesses have brokerage accounts, but lots have their accounts suspended on a regular basis because our billing doesn't allow much amount to be overdue thus resulting in a tag from usually an irrate customer.

    Also, its the residential delivery that is increasing, not the business thus increasing the brokerage tags per day.
  10. Cementups

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    We haven't had cash here in a long time and I am certainly glad for it. The last time I took cash was from a lady for $1,400 and she paid me in 14, $100 bills. When we would get in at night we were supposed to have one of the OMS's count it if it were over $1,000. SShe was not around when I was so I just figured Hell, I can't screw up counting 14 bills. I recounted it and put in my envelope and dropped it in the safe. 2 hours later I got a phone call at home asking me where my cash was. I repeatedly told them it was in the safe and they repeatedly told me it was not. And it took two different clerks at the same time to open the safe with sseperate keys at the same time, and they both were on the others side of it not being there. In the long run, because I was the last one to see it and did not have it verified as directed, I had to reimburse the money to UPS. Thne they wanted me to just write a check in full to cover it. I had them take it out of my pay $25/week for the next 56 weeks.
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    Holy Cow!! That definitely sounds like a record to me. Amazing!
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    Wow! I thought my 12 thousand was a lot of money.
    Back in the day when we collected a lot of cash I would always go to the bank and get a cashers check for all the cash I had. Would make it from UPS and pay to the order of UPS. That way I never had a problem with shortages.
  13. Hangingon

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    I'm glad we did away with cash. It always seemed to be too much a temptation for certain people. I come from a relatively small building (55 drivers) and we invariably lost 1 or 2 a year for 'borrowing' COD money.