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  1. SmithBarney

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    So I notice a package a couple weeks ago in
    not the right area of our building, I move it
    to its correct location so it'll get delivered.

    And now the other day I notice the package
    again in the wrong area, this time noticably
    open and empty.

    I take a closer look and note the tracking number
    and that its been futured(service cross)

    So I gather up the info and head over to a OMS computer
    to track it and find out whats up. It is a COD package
    so far the package has been "futured" a few times by a
    the driver(about 1 month or so). Upon reviewing the info
    I realize that the Addressee is actually the driver thats
    Futuring it (goes by a different first name at work.)

    So with this information, what would you do? This is not
    a driver who I see regularly to confront.
    To me looks obviously like an integrity issue/theft
    The COD amount is not astronomical in fact its what a "driver"
    will make in roughly 8 hrs work, so I wouldn't buy the "I can't afford it story"

    Just interested in what others think of this, and how would you
    handle it?
  2. RockyRogue

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    Being a driver, you pass a dozen plus pay phones everyday, right? I'd get the hotline number and dial it on lunch from a payphone, doing so guarantees you'll stay anon if you want it. I remember were talking about the blizzard and said you were based somewhere in the Rocky Mountain District. I have my hub's LP number. If you want it, PM me. Good luck. -Rock
  3. over9five

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    The package has been sheeted.

    Was placed in the correct location (not out for delivery) till you moved it.

    You know nothing. Maybe he's not sure he wants to buy it and is trying to save the shipper an rts charge till everythings sorted out.

    All you do know is the package has been sheeted (as it should be).
  4. canon

    canon Member

    I would track it again before calling anyone of importance. It might be that the driver was futuring it until he had the funds? Just a guess. The tracking info might not have been updated for that day when you tracked it at the oms office, it may have been recorded in a diad that hadn't been uploaded yet.

    I find it hard to believe a driver would address it to himself, then steal the merchandise and leave the box in the building. If anything, he would take it out on car and dispose of the box on route... or simply collapse the box and throw it away. Maybe a co-worker opened it and stole the merchandise if it was futured and left somewhere it wasn't supposed to be. Lots of different variables here. Before you run to the UPS police, I would think someone talking to the driver first would be warranted... even if you had the shop steward do it.

    Maybe ask, "Hey I found a box with Joe's name on it and it looked like it had been opened... nobody stole his stuff did they?" But then again, that makes you the last one to have seen it... both opened and unopened.
  5. sendagain

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    If it took the guy a month to come up with the money, futuring the package numerous times against company policy, I'd say the possibility exists that more wrong doing could be found here. There may not be, but it doesn't look good.
  6. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    -(future/future/future) 3 times Over a month

    -Was in an incorrect location, dare I say 'hidden' not on W/C,
    it was moved to belt for next days sort.

    -I didn't know UPS had a Try before you buy policy for COD items.(remember the box is empty)

    -All I know is the package was sheeted by its reciepient(Driver) three times and its empty of its contents.

    I made no assumptions of what is happening, if I were to assume;

    I would think that hew is abusing his position to float himself a loan.
    Although as driver he makes more than enough to pay for this COD
    multiple times a week.

    or maybe I would think maybe he's using whatever was in the box until
    he doesn't want it or maybe it doens't fit, then returning it...

    Those would be blind assumptions which I'm not going to make.
  7. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Other then highlighting a few choice words in the above quote do I really need to say anymore?
  8. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    OK, Tie and Fredly, I did miss the "open and empty" part. (Don't know how).

    I hereby amend my last post as follows:

    Do whatever you're supposed to do with an empty box you found. Take it to a sup and tell him where you found it.
    That's all! Don't mention any driver. Don't mention the detective work you've done. Let him do that himself. That's his job!
  9. canon

    canon Member

    open and empty could mean the driver paid the cod and took the contents, the package was looted by someone else or the driver... to assume it was nobody but the driver and only stolen is irresponsible.

    If he stole it, yes he should face punishment. Some of you people have already found him guilty and he hasn't even had his chance to speak.

    Yeah, that's fair.:thumbup1:
  10. feeder

    feeder Central Pa Member

    What I can say is this: I dont get involved in things that dont affect me. If this seems to be the case for you, just keep quiet and walk away from the situation....
  11. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    No one here has to judge the driver.

    Fredlys responsibility is to report what he found as a good upser concerned about the reputation of his company.

    the clerk knows that fredly was asking questions about the package. Failing to report the package could now put fredly under suspicion for either being the thief or being an accessory or having knowledge.

    we had some lively debates about integrity on other threads there is no clearer integrity issue then this one.
  12. Fredless

    Fredless APWA Hater

    You can lose your job for that as well, just turning your head like that. IF this guy is stealing and doing a wrong thing, I wouldn't want that POS as a co-worker either. Stealing is stealing, and you are a dirtbag if you steal. End of story.
  13. canon

    canon Member

    Agreed 100% it needs to be reported. I'll wait for the investigation before I claim there was an integrity violation and who is the responsible party.

    It seems odd that there would be three futures if the end result is theft. Why not just steal it the first time? True, being hidden is odd... but there's a possibility it was hidden to prevent the clerks from returning it. For all we know, some manager was "being cool" and allowing the driver to continue futuring it until funds were available. Bringing in LP would do nothing more than get the sup in trouble for trying to cut the driver a break. But, if that's the case, he was breaking the rules for futuring a package... then I'm with Tie about the integrity violation and let's hang him.

    I'll bet anyone in these rooms would want nothing more than simply being asked about it before being accused of being a thief. Fredly said there was no delivery information the day he found the box, but that doesn't mean the info simply hadn't been uploaded yet to the system.

    Theft from a driver is a bit of a stretch. I just find it hard to believe, especially when we're talking about such a low amount. I can't imagine a driver risking his job over a couple hundred bucks... but anything is possible. Tracking the package again would be a beginning, alerting a sup of the find would be better. They'll know if a tracer has been placed on the package or might watch for it in the near future.
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  14. browntruckmechanic

    browntruckmechanic Well isn't that special ?????????

    Somebody call Ripley's Believe it or not.. Tieguy and Cannon agreed on something.
  15. lostintransit

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    Funny. But they both have very insightful views, albeit from different sides....that is what makes it good!
  16. feeder

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    You listen fredless: Listen good!! All the years at UPS, I've been an unfortunate witness of misdeeds by other UPSers'. I dont have the time or the so called drama to report such events, especially when it doesnt affect me one bit. These misdeeds extent further than hourlies, I've seen many misdeeds in managment too....
    The original poster saw something suspicious and started snooping around. He stopped being a Upsers' and turned into a SHERLOCK HOLMES and started his own investigation by tracking the suspected packages himself, hmmm very silly on his part.. something that I would not have done. If in managment, yea, do your job and investigate and get those guilty parties fired, but a hourly, what is there to gain.. does he have a "beef" with the driver, does he want that "snitch's cash award from L.P., I just dont understand why you want to get involved..
    I come in to do a job, get my paycheck, go home safely to my family and dont bring that silly UPS drama home to life and family... NOW THIS STORY IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. dragracer66

    dragracer66 Active Member

    Dude....Get a life it's coworker's like you that this thread is basically based on. You walk through the day with blinder's on and don't see or say anything. So what if it doesn't concern you, it concern's all of us. If your a tie or an hourly it concern's all of us. And I also like your last sentence "don't bring that silly UPS drama home" if your typing this from your computer look around your home , so you do bring the drama home!!!!
  18. txmomof2b2g

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    i have to agree w/dragracer66 on that. If there is a case of fraud on either parties part than it does affect your paycheck.
  19. Channahon

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    Do moral and values come to mind? What if the package was something you ordered and were waiting for UPS to deliver. A package hanging around a center, being futured by the delivery driver, not following procedures, something is not right. Not to mention, the shipper is awaiting a COD remittance from UPS. Probably tracking the package, telling themselves, UPS tracking sucks. There's an image that helps the service picture of UPS, you think? It looks to me like Fredly is a service orientated driver.
  20. upsdawg

    upsdawg UPSDAWG

    Channahon-----excellent response!! We owe it to OUR CUSTOMERS who ultimitely are responsible for our paychecks to give them service--whether it is a NDA --International--COD--it needs to be delivered on time or a valid reason needs to be on the package----if it is not in your area---it needs to be brought to a management person's attention---than you walk a way---you don't need to accuse anyone---but it is all our responsibility to hold each other accountable---and if we have a thief among us--shame on us if we don't do something about it--it effects us all--it is called our "REPUTATION"--that thing that separates us from our competitors!!!