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    Hey BrownCafe,

    I had some questions for any of you that can answer them, really interesting to be learning about UPS. Wish you guys did ride-alongs! That would be so cool!

    So anyway, I had a package shipped 2 Day Express from Shanghai, CN to Washington and was wondering if there is any way I can get a refund (For not delivering within time). I've heard really mixed things from UPS Staff (I was told 2 days in a row it was "Guaranteed Delivery Today" and it never showed!). It had multiple times scheduled for delivery and it sat several states away. (It had been cleared by customs they verified) the 13th would have been considered the 3rd day wouldn't it? Or at very least it should have been in Seattle where I could have at least gone to the center to pick it up on Saturday, Right?

    Shouldn't it have gone from Alaska to Seattle? It had multiple times where it said delivery date the 12th then the 13th now the 16th.


    If anyone has any insight I'd really love to hear it. It made me kinda frustrated because I needed this package ASAP.

    Thanks for the help, I look forward to hearing your responses.


    (P.S. Anyone know why it has multiple scans e.g. Departure scan departure scan and such for same area?)
  2. bumped

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    I'm by no means an seems on 8/11 it was determined that the service level you selected is not available for the location you designated.
  3. BrownTux

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    Sorry, I meant to add that it was downgraded from 2 day to 2-3day express. Hence the 3rd day comment in my original post.

    By the way, I'm just looking for information about why they would say guaranteed delivery and to learn a bit more about UPS. I've been browsing the forums for an hour or two I find it really interesting here! :)
  4. worldwide

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    Can you provide the origin postal code (in China) and the destination zip code (in the US)?

    What service level was this shipped (Express, Saver, Expedited)?

    If the package did not arrive by the committed time for the service level and destination zip, then you are entitled to a refund (assuming no weather days, acts of god, etc.).

    Call 1-800-PICK UPS to start the process for a refund but make sure you call right after delivery as you only have a short window to make the request for reimbursement. If you did not have the shipping charges billed to your UPS account, the refund will go to the shipper in China.
  5. scratch

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    We don't count Saturday and Sunday because those are not normal delivery days, plus you also lose a lot of time flying East because of the time zones. The service level plays a role in this too, if we had the whole tracking number or at least the numbers that are 9th-11th, we could better determine the delivery date and time of day.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    3 day Express shipped on the 12th would be delivered on the 16th.
  7. UPSBluRdg03

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    Yea everything seems in order to me. You should receive it tomorrow. Service was downgraded to 3 day service so like Upstate said 3 days will be tomorrow the 16th.
  8. TampaCRG

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    First of all, the Express service level is never something we call 2-day service. To and from locations it could be 1 day, Express Saver to Australia could be almost 2 weeks. Also, our online system, for whatever reason, hardly ever provides correct delivery dates for international packages. Our internal systems do, however. So just call 800-782-7892. As to why there are so many duplicate scans, I'm not sure. Except for the first few scans and the import scans, all those scans or logical, not physical. Meaning, your package wasn't really scanned, just a container containing the package (or supposed to, at least) was scanned...
  9. DS

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    TampaCRG welcome to the browncafe thanks for the input.Are you saying that maybe the pkg will arrive some day?
    Hardly a guarantee huh? Your pkg was on a container and we're not sure where it is right now.Call back in a week?
    I hope that phone number you posted will help but I somehow doubt it.I'm jaded,I admit it.
  10. beentheredonethat

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    For intl services, we don't name the services 2day express or anything like that. We have expedited, (the slowest), saver, express, and express plus (the earliest). Not all services are available to each country pair.

    If there is a refund due, then this refund will go to the shipper, not the receiver.

    Going from China, to Alaska, to Ontario CA, to Seattle WA actually makes sense. We send the work to our larger air hubs to distribute to the US. On the west coast, the air hub is Ontario. The stop in Alaska was probably for fuel, or to change the crew on the aircraft.

    Rumor has it, that work flowing out of China is very heavy and your pkg may have been bumped due to too many pkgs onto the plane. But if this occurred, we shouldn't have done the scan to say this svc isn't available. It seems like Saver type service is available. Looks like the pkg s/b delv tomorrow.
  11. DorkHead

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    And the shipper has to file the refund claim
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If this package is covered by our GSR (Guaranteed Service Refund) then the refund is automatic. I don't know for sure if internationals are covered by the GSR.