Iraq 10 years after

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    Perhaps we should worry about ourselves first and stay out of what is clearly none of our business. Syria?
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    In syria the pres. drew a red appears that it has been crossed.......still to be determined.
    Quit drawing lines if you've no intent on following through.
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    According to YOU, this country is broke and spending needs to be cut, and NOW, you want another military conflict where the cost to the US goverment could add another TRILLION dollars to the deficit?

    Are you serious?


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    But according to YOU government spending is great for the economy.

    Are you serious?
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    The guy visited Jordan today and promised them $200 you know how long you can run tours of the white house for that ? the math! He makes it rain for everybody but his own country!!!
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    From what line item in his budget will these funds becoming from ?
    oh, that's right he did even bother to submit a budget this year , along with other required reports . Seems he could care less about doing his real job.
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    The President doesn't legslate.

    Would you like to give him all the powers you seem to perceive he has?
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    Less than half what they were given in any random year of the last president.

    If you researched the actual figures, you'd be in for a shock.

    Jordan gets less than Columbia, and Afghanistan leads the bunch with almost 4 times what Israel gets.

    Not a good ROI, but someone is making money, and has been for decades..
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    The executive branch does legislate in the name of regulations. Cabinet level agencies headed by those appointed by the President can write many regulations that carry the weight of federal law. You may say that the President himself does not legislate but that would be at least a little misleading.

    The President, any President, has the power of executive order. Executive orders are used to manage the operations of the Federal Government and carry the full force of federal law.
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    The point is.....none of them should be getting one dime!!!!! America needs it FIRST!!
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    We got plenty of money! When we run low... we just print some more.. Obamanopoly the gave of trillion dollar bills.
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    I totally agree. Let's stop all foriegn wars and pass a jobs bill that puts $4trillion into our country over the next decade.

    Restore government funding for science, and give scholarships to promising students. The thing is, sometimes government run programs make the most sense. A private company can not afford to take on a risky venture, because of the ROI. Only governments can do that.

    All I want is a world my grandchildren can raise their children in. I think that is what most of us want.
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    Iraq War: 190,000 lives, $2.2 trillion
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    Start with becoming energy self sufficient, by stopping to squander billions on the Solyndra's of the world. For starters.
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    “These are things we pointed out in 2005,” Deputy Inspector General Glenn Furbish told Bloomberg News about problems with the reconstruction effort that led to massive waste, fraud and abuse. “They remained until the military left. That was the most frustrating issue I encountered.”For his part, Mr. Bowen told Al-Monitor, he had identified $1.6 billion in benefits to the reconstruction effort stemming directly from the work of his office.His report is particularly critical of one effort, a $4 billion slush fund known as the Commanders’ Emergency Response Program.CERP provided bundles of U.S. dollars to junior officers to use as “walking around money” to compensate civilian victims of U.S. military action and for short-term reconstruction projects.Even now, a decade later, the report finds, it is impossible to say what benefits the $4 billion CERP program actually bought. Commanders’ record-keeping was incomplete, inconsistent and inexact.

    Read more: Watchdog blasts U.S. billions 'wasted' in Iraq reconstruction costs - Washington Times
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    We had no reason to invade Iraq. We are responsible for the deaths of far more Iraqi citizens than would have died under Hussein's regime. Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11 and posed no threat to the United States.
  18. -----------^ Those children who saw their parents, brothers, sisters, etc. killed in Iraq as casualties of war that had no ties to terrorism are the next generation of terrorists. Call Obama what you will, but Bush's hands are stained with domestic and foreign blood.
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    Not just us (Bush)

    United States of America
    United Kingdom
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    How fast was Austrailia and Ploand out of there ? As soon as they noticed the war was a hoax , - within a month or 2 !
    Blair already admitted it was his biggest mistake to take part of that war.