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    At my building, Management makes Irreg tape very hard to find. Me, and a number of other Irreg Drivers prefer to place Irreg tape on all of the over 70 lb packages we see, so they are properly labeled in compliance with Article 44. Management, however, sees it differently. They think that it takes us too much time to do it, apparently, so they make tape hard to find.
    One of the Full Timers told me he had to threaten a grievance to find some one day.

    But here's the kicker. One day, an anonymous PT supe informed one of the other Full Timers that the FT supervisor that covers Irregs had a large supply of the yellow and black stuff in his office. Why would he need highlight tape? Hmm...

    Just goes to show you that management values production over safety. It's not like we tape the boxes to waste time. I do it so the loader, preloader and driver know to expect a heavy box when they go to pick it up. Often you can tell by looking at it if it's an Over 70, other times you can't.
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    Do me a favor. Find out when your safety committee next meets and either raise the issue with a member or attend the meeting and raise the issue yourself. Then come back here and let us know how it went. Posting this type of stuff on the brown cafe won't fix anything.
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    I have no delusions of solving anything by posting it here, tie. Sometimes it just feels good to complain to others who know the kind of crap I deal with as a UPSer.
    But I do intend to raise the issue at the safety meeting. Matter of fact we have a vacancy I intend to fill on the committee.
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    Safety committee?? I thought they did away with those???? Trust me whoever you are complaining about irreg tape (overweight tape??) You may get your tape by going to that meeting but that's probably all you'll get. Remember you are dealing with the ""BIG BROWN MONSTER"" Safety issues in my building hardly ever get resolved no matter who we go to.. 8:38 a.m. Saturday.
  5. I work preload and safety will audit irreg drivers to make sure they are putting tape on over weights. Its only used when we are being followed around. We normally have 3-5 people to spa, load, and deliver the bulk to the belts. There is just to much of it to expect that many people to handle everything for a heavy industrial area.

    They have it set up so about half the belts 1 person has to carry all the irregs up steps. Its just ridiculous.

    Why can't they get yellow tape on the stuff when its shipped? Why are they so concerned once its already at the destination? I'm so tired of hearing about the yellow tape. Why can't ups deal with the real safety concerns.

    They should just make yellow packing tape because most iregs are broke open and need to be taped anyway.
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    The parties agree that the health and safety of the employees are of the utmost importance. The Employer agrees that UPS management will not insist that any unsafe action be undertaken and the Union agrees to encourage its members to cooperate in effectuating the handling, pick up and delivery of parcels without exposing themselves to safety hazards...

    The Employer agrees that it will instruct it's customers to place at least (1) over 70 pound label on all such packages shipped, enter the weight of the package on the label and notify the pick-up driver of the over 70 pound packages to be picked up. The driver shall complete and affix as many additional over 70 pound labels and/or identifying tape as reasonably necessary to provide proper visual identification of the package for safe movement through the system. The label and tape shall be of bright contrasting colors. No package will move through the system without enough tape clearly visible from all sides identifying the package as over seventy (70) pounds

    Ask your management if they understand the term "BREECH OF CONTRACT..."
    Ask your management if they understand "UNSAFE WORK METHODS..."
    Ask your management for a Union Steward and then ask what part of NO PACKAGE WILL MOVE THROUGH THE SYSTEM do they not understand...

    To be honest THAT PACKAGE MUST BE STOPPED AND NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO ANYWHERE until tape is visible on all sides...
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    The parties agree that the health and safety of the employees are of the utmost importance. The Employer agrees that UPS management will not insist that any unsafe action be undertaken and the Union agrees to encourage its members to cooperate in effectuating the handling, pick up and delivery of parcels without exposing themselves to safety hazards.

    Section 1. On Area Package Handling
    No employee shall be required to handle any over 70 pound packages alone if it is the employee’s good faith belief that such handling would be a safety hazard to herself or himself. In such cases the Employer shall provide whichever the following is requested in good faith by the employee in handling over 70 pound packages.

    1. Another bargaining unit employee for assistance, or

    2. Appropriate lifting/handling devices, or

    3. Another bargaining unit employee and an appropriate lifting/handling device for handling, pick-up or delivery circumstances that require both bargaining unit help and an appropriate lifting/handling device.
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    LKLND is saying the DRIVER who picked up the overweight package has breeched the contract and should receive, a waring letter, or even a suspension for putting his/her fellow Teamsters at risk of serious injury. It's funny how the contract is a two way street. There are items management must comply with or face action, and items the hourly employee must comply with or face action.
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    What if it was dropped off at the customer counter? What if a supe was covering for a driver? It doesn't always fall on the driver. Not going through the system and the package reaches it's destination with out tape means MANY have failed to catch the package along the way...

    Fact is the packages can be traced back and using overweight tape is a condition of employment. If UPS wants to fire someone this is one little thing you can get burned on...
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    I was injured by an overwieght un marked pottery barn. These unmarked overwieght pottery barns show up almost daily. I complained to our sales/BD guy. He told me that in order to get the pottery barn business,they didnt have to mark their shipments. That's what I was told folks.
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    I had to ask for tape and the stickers to add to my over 70 lbs. packages. I had a pile (4) of them behind a truck and sup wanted to know why I had not loaded them. I told him they were not marked and I thought the driver should know they were well over 100 lbs before trying to move them.
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    I would file a grievence... The shipper IS NOT REQUIRED to place tape on the boxes. They are asked to place one overweight sticker on the box. The worldship label should have a big bold H. The driver, the reload, the Hub, the unload, the sort aisle, the Irreg driver are ALL required to ensure OVERWEIGHT TAPE is on it before you touch it... IT MUST NOT TRAVEL THROUGH THE SYSTEM...

    Chances are Management is concerned about production volume and stopping to place overweight tape takes too much time.
  13. LKLND3380

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    Teel the supe you do not want to be accuse of practicing UNSAFE METHODS and placing overweight tape on ALL over 70s is a CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT...
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    So the tape has to be put on before I get it? That never happens.
  15. LKLND3380

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    Lead by example and hold others accountable... That is what UPS supes are told...
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    we've got plenty of tape but not enough time to get to it to put it on so everynight packages go through the system without tape
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    Hey someone give me a roll of tape. I'm almost out of it at home.
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    You have all the time you need to work safely... EVERY Supe and even district managers will say you have time to place tape visible on all sides... Anyone in management who directs you to work in Violation of the UPS/Teamsters Master Agreement and VIOLATE SAFETY GUIDELINES is accountable. Ask them to get a UNION STEWARD and repeat what was said.

    An unmarked over 70 is NO DIFFERENT than letting an UNAUDITED and/or LEAKING HazMat go through the system...
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    The shipper (customer) IS required to put an over-70 pound sticker on the package.

    "UPS requires that you attach a heavy package sticker to all your packages that weigh more than 70 lbs. (31.5 kgs).

    Apply the bright yellow UPS heavy package sticker to your packageat the right of the address label for maximum visibility and write the weight of your package in the white area on the label.

    When you use these highly visible heavy package stickers, it allows UPS to give your heavy packages the special attention and handling that they need and deserve. The stickers alert our employees, as well as your customers, that special care should be taken to safely handle these packages."
  20. LKLND3380

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    That is correct but the subject here is Overweight Tape and who ever accepts the package from the customer MUST place overweight tape on the package. The overweight tape MUST be visible on ALL SIDES.