Is anyone bothered by ups telling its employees to go to management for hr concerns?

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Starting rate for loaders was $8.50 for what, 20 years? It didn't go up because the union negotiated for it, it went up bc UPS could no longer get bodies in the door at that rate.

This is a separate issue from the harassment and micromanaging on a scale I've personally never seen anywhere else.
The micromanaging/harassment usually stops once they realize you don’t gaf & are not going to work faster.

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I agree with you about the opportunity to become full time. And you also have to factor in the value of the insurance (which took me a year of loading to get, now it's 90 days.) But inflation is also a thing. Paying $8.50 for over two decades was unacceptable. UPS didn't raise the starting rate bc the union bargained for it. They raised the rate bc they were losing in the labor market to Sheetz and McDonalds. I started at $8.50 and moved up to $10 when the new contract kicked in. A couple years later my building raised the starting rate to $14. My pay went up to match this (it was $12 or $13 by then). I had 4 years SENORITY and I was making as much as a guy off the street.
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By telling employees to go to management with hr concerns, this goes to show how ups treats its employees. I'm from the palatine il hub and and we have a union member that has his nose shoved so far up full time supervisors and upper managements asses that its pointless to bring concerns to them about this man. My concern was that he is purposely damaging bulk packages. Each and every single supervisor part, full and upper management claim that the packages come out of the trucks damaged. I have witnessed him breaking packages many times and have complained. Much to my dismay it falls on deaf ears. I guess it would when this guy goes fishing with upper management. So, sorry customers your not getting your expensive bulk item because ups employees have fun breaking them and get away with it. So tell me ups, who do we bring concerns too that is not biased?
I know what you mean. I was warned even before I joined from drivers to NEVER trust sups or managers. I’m flabbergasted when some co-workers tell me they ask their sups and managers for advice/concerns without asking their other co-workers around first. I think I kinda get it though because most people from what I see, look out for themselves into their own age group. Old heads don’t want to give time to the new hires, and new hires get turned off by the whole dynamic. I believe this stems from a lot of new hires not understanding how the union works nor the contract (due to the fact new hires pretty much HAVE to seek it out.) Most are even surprised they can fill out driving forums BEFORE probation/union offering. To clarify, this is in a right to work state. (Local 104)
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