Is Democrat Support Fragmenting Over Iraq?


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Just as there is and has been some fragmenting within the republican base over conservative ideals it seems now the democrats have some mumblings within their base. Now how far this goes and this could be posturing to get political position, is anyone's guess but this is interesting none the less.

Actually transcript of conference call among anti-war democrats including 2 democrat Congressperson's:

What if the tradition non-inventionist conservatives and the anti-war left find each other on this issue and form an independent political coalition? Now that would throw an interesting mix into the political stew. Is it farfetched. Note when you even consider that several years ago Pat Buchannan interviewed Ralph Nader for his American Conservative magazine and the focus was a discussion on US foreign policy and a ton of common ground was very obvious to any reader no matter of what political stripe. There was even a call after the article went public for Pat and Ralph to form a politcal team (not in that name order as that was left wide open) to campaign mostly against the current globalism that dominates US foreign policy so in some sense the seedbed has already been plowed.