Is he coming back??!!


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My husband was hired as a seasonal driver here in Arlington in mid-November. He put his full time warehouse (not UPS) job to part time and gave it all that he had so that he could be brought on full time after the new year. So he's working 7 days a week trying to get a great gig to support his family. He made every effort to stand out by going in early, running the route on his free time to learn it, skipping lunch and not complaining. Every night he comes home (late) saying how management is impressed by the job that he's doing and how he'll definetly be brought back. I don't know the lingo but I remember him saying he did over 190 stops in 'record breaking' time. Everything seemed to be going great and the feedback that the higher ups were giving him was awesome!
Yesterday they told him to come in today (the first Saturday he's ever been asked to work) so he called in to his part time job. First they were going to send him out on his route, then they said they they probably wouldnt need him anymore. Not only that, they said that he'd probably have to work as a loader before he was hired in as a full time driver. He's considering keeping both which means he'll be working pretty much 14 hours a day. Is this normal? Wat's next for a good seasonal driver..... I just wanna know.

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If they bring him back as a loader he will have to work for years waiting on a full time driving position. Does he want that? I worked two jobs for 13 years. (been there, done that)


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Yes. It is normal for seasonal drivers to get laid off after the first of the year. The whole concept of the seasonal driver is to help druing Xmas and then released. If his performance is good, sometimes they are called back in January or months latter.It all depends on the staffing needs of the center. There may be alot of turnover in the driver postions due to retirement, quitting, terminations and/or drivers biding on other positions.

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Timing is everything. Be flexible. Take it with a smile. Make adjustments to what you need to do,if this is it. You've got your foot in the door, proven yourself. Now you have to wait. And it could be a long one. Adjust. In the mean time you've got a great part-time job with benefits. Be careful of what you wish for....the job has never been so demanding. Good luck.


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Whats the ratio now? 4 insiders, then they can hire 1 outsider or bring in a management person?

Chances are slim that he'll be brought back as a driver but not unheard of.


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Here in the Dulles division we've been hiring off the street all year long. Our best seasonal drivers will definitely be coming back as full time drivers.


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Here in the Dulles division we've been hiring off the street all year long. Our best seasonal drivers will definitely be coming back as full time drivers.

We had a guy down here in SE Virginia that was in management a few months then quit so he could move up your way. A couple management folks told me they heard he was now a driver up there. Heard anything like that?

Yes, I know UPS doesn't re-hire ex-management folks. This rumor came from some good stand up guys.