Is Management scared?

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  1. So corporate is pushing ORION. Thinking to save a half gallon of gas. Trying to make it work. Those HP and UPS alliance commercials make me my mind shut down. Hearing that happy happy commercial is annoying.

    I'm working preload. Management goes on and on about load quality. If there is a fraction of space behind a box, that is improper method. Have the boxes up against the back of the shelf with nothing to secure them is improper method. Having boxes in the aisle when the section is blown out with 101 pieces is improper method. Even with PAL labels sticking out management insists you must write the number in big numbers. And everything must be perfectly sequenced as well.

    Management people I have never seen before are lurking around now on Preload. Taking photos of the truck.

    While loading my truck Thursday, a PT sup and I think an upper management where in my truck, pushing boxes around, trying to find faults. I guess a lip loaded box, (the way I was trained) had space behind it. I heard the Upper management said this is the stuff we have to address. This is the stuff that means me losing my job and you losing and your job.

    Yeah peak will get busy and every inch will be filled up. Is UPS Corporate so demanding of its management to push some number agenda they would lose a job over a preloader lip loading a box and not having written a number when the PAL label is sticking out? Seen other preloaders getting really upset with management. The preloaders that have loaded the same truck for years, know what the drivers want and expect, are told by people that have never been there it must be done this way. :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: your commonsense and experience preloader.

    Two full time supervisors in my hub it quits last month. Why would management be voluntarily quitting? Something in the atmosphere scaring them.
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    Why does anyone quit a job? To start a better job. In my building Preload is happy if you can load a package in the right truck.
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    The new ups is to try and get people to use management positions as a stepping stone to other careers. They don't want lifers.
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    Don't ever go driving if something like that bothers you.
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    Let them quit... in fact, let as many people as possible, union and management quit. Because eventually they will be so understaffed and desperate for people... thus creating opportunities for the new guys like me. :)
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    yes...they started photographing our loads too and doing load quality audits about a month ago. It's all a bunch of management bs that will disappear come peak....when they'll be demanding that we brickload the back four shelves (which I hate doing because it screws the drivers), and stack out from floor to ceiling and cramming it in every nook and cranny of the brown whore lol. And we've had 5 longtime (5+ years) PT sups quit in the last 4 months.
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    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    "Well, here's your problem."
    ​ Adam Savage of Mythbusters
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    They're maybe scared a little, but tell me: if you had to come to work and be on your knees with a bib and pads for 3 and a half/4 hours, wouldn't you be scared if you knew that you'd soon have to do what they do for 5 hours when season really gets started up?
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    I'd finally look forward to coming to work.
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    The goal of Orion is not to cut miles.

    Orion is designed to cut miles so they can get the stops per car up.

    Not about miles, it is about more stops in your truck. This is why preload is wanting every inch used, because they will need every inch of the truck do to more stops.

    Every time I think UPS has stuck every possible inch up our rears, they find a way to cram another inch op our rears.
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    Why did the 2 FT Sups in your hub quit?

    That may help your general question about management quitting.

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    Can you back this statement up with facts or examples of how the new UPS is doing this or communicating this to the employees?


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    I think you are really on to something here. Great isnsight.

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    I have been at UPS a long time and I have never seen anyone in management with a bib and knee pads on.

    This is a confusing post.

    Sometimes I see the maintenance guys with knee pads on and maybe they even wear and apron when welding. This may be mistaken for a bib.

    Can you please explain you post a little more?

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    I am trying to participate in this thread.

    I am sorry I don't get your response.

    Please forgive me but can you explain it a little further?

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    Every day this week I've had a driver help me. Yesterday two had to help me. If drivers would continue at their same pace then this would all stop. I don't know about the other drivers but even with all my extra stops I am still doing the same amount of work.
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    We were told Orion is coming. They are saying it is not only to increase spor. It will also eliminate a management position. I think I am seeing it in our building now. The younger one is being pinched from the older crew. Eat their own.
    Our center has 22 ft areas. We have 9 managers in the building. A center manager also.
    20 yrs ago we had 2 ,run the whole thing.
    I can do one stop at a time. No matter. The manager still has to input the data. It will be crap for a yr. Then revert back to what it is now. Has happened that way for every new great thing
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    Yes, management is scared.

    UPS has a bloated, top-heavy, paranoid, metrics-obsessed management structure that operates solely on the basis of fear and blind obedience. The "managers" that we drivers deal with on a daily basis are not actually "managers" at all because that term implies that they have the ability to make an operational decision. What they actually are... is "plan facilitators." The Plan comes down from above, and the job of the plan facilitator is to generate whatever metric (SPORH, PPH, NDPPH, ORION compliance, etc etc.) happens to be the current flavor of the week. I would be scared too if I were given the responsibility for managing the operation while at the same time being denied the authority or the resources that were needed for success.