Is ObamaCare Really Heritage FoundationCare?

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    Individual mandates and treating medical insurance as income seems the latest rage against Obama but where did such ideas really come from? Let's turn the clock back to 1989' and the Heritage Foundation's "Assuring Affordable Healthcare for all Americans" and beginning at page 3 under the title "The Heritage Plan" you'll read some very familiar ideas. Also, wanna destroy the conservative/liberal/democrat/republican narrative with healthcare? Again, read starting at page 3.

    To really begin to understand the entire healthcare picture in this country, one would need to go back at least to 1910' and the Flexner Report, properly known as Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Bulletin #4, and then come forward following both money and power.

    The late economist Murray Rothbard (1926-1995) wrote of the problems in healthcare that skew the system against the patient, against low cost and towards what we have and that's high profits mostly for 3rd parties whose rent seeking in the process has come as a result of intervention by public policy.
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