Is the Philly Airs Hub Closing ?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Valued Customer, Dec 31, 2009.

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    Happy New Year Guys

    Can anyone tell me if the UPS Airport in Philly is Closing ? We where told last night that we would no longer sort to UPS ( airs to ) Philly 2919 after tonight. I was wondering what and who and how many is losing their jobs....if any at all...

    I would appreciate any info you guys could provide,
  2. Highflier24

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    From what I understand, some flights in and out of Philly are being taken down and more volume will be sent to Louisville. Because of the Worldport expansions that have take place and the increase in volume that it can handle more volume will be sent there and less will be sorted in the regional hubs. UPS will then use larger planes on those flights to Louisville and will be able to cut out some of the regional flights and will be able to park some airplanes. There was information posted on airUPSers about some of the network changes taking place.
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    I am curious are workers being layed off? If so, is there not a 90 day notice that they have to file?
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    I hear the airport is extending the runway and the air hub is in the way
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    The Night Hub laid off about 160 part time hourlies on the night shift which is about 20% of the workforce. The peak hires were all let go last week. Rumors of layoffs were circulating for some time since the Hub is losing two flights, Florida and Georgia, on Jan 6. They are being sent to Louisville so their expansion project isn't viewed as a huge waste of money. The layoffs were done strictly on a seniority basis. Those that were getting laid off were told to stick around after the shift and wait for their managers to come around. None of them expected it. Nearly everyone that was hired in 2008 through 2009 were laid off.

    Rumors are going around about more layoffs involving different shifts and supervisors.

    As for the Hub actually closing down, that has been said for quite sometime. The city and the FAA want to expand PHL from two primary runways to three. The problem is in order to do this they would have to seize about 80 homes and business, so naturally, there is an ongoing court battle.
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    The final round of lay offs will be in March when the pilot's bid package comes out. The company has to plan all flights from their bid structure and give them contractual time to move aircraft when needed. The rumor around the airline is that more aircraft will be set down and that means jobs from union pilots, mechanics, drivers, and loaders, (not management) will be lost.