Is there a difference between a tractor trailer driver and a road driver?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by chs, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Just curious, thinking about applying to one of the two.
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    Big truck or bigger truck!!!55 hours or 59.5 hours!!
  3. chs

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    I mean does one have lay overs or does one touch freight?
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    Clarify, please. UPS Freight or UPS Parcel? Difference.

    Tractor Trailer driver at UPS Parcel side can be making city pickups, shifting in yard all day/night or driving on the road. On the road could be driving to another Hub or driving to relay point or driving one way for layover and return. May or may not involve touching (yes, I said "touching") boxies.

    Tractor Trailer driver at UPS Freight can also be making city deliveries and pickups, shifting in yard all day/night or driving on road. Most, but not all, are layovers. Could also be sleeper team. Could also be dock worker w/CDL, called out to drive city or road. If road driver, ususally no touch freight.

    There are, of course, different aspects to each, depending on locale.
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