Is there Racial Favoritism going on in your center?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by CharlestonMule, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. CharlestonMule

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    Im very new to the BC but Ive posted a couple of times and find all of your collective info so very helpfull. This is such a touchy suspect but it is one that I think is totally unfair, prevelant, and should have long passed the arena of discussion. However, I just want to throw the question out there: Do you feel that at some point while with UPS you were treated differently because of race? I am a white male, and I have at least a handful of stories that make me more frustrated and dissappointed than mad. Equallity must work both ways and I just want to see if everyone thinks that it does, and if not- can anything be done?..............MULE
  2. dillweed

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    UPS is a huge, high profile company. They offer equal opportunity to all, regardless of ethnicity, sex or religion.

    Used to be it was a man's world but now we have lots of women giving a fair day's work. Same with ethnicity.

    The company is constantly evolving with changes being made in all areas. We have no choice but to accept the changes with an open mind.

    Every single employee has an impact on the organization. Our center has seen the arrival of new folks who have their own strengths and weaknesses. Those who can handle the job stick around and contribute the best they can, whether they be male, female, black, white, oriental, hispanic or whatever.

    Try not to judge others. It's a good idea to keep yourself at your best and not worry about what others are doing. This applies to life in general as well as in the workplace.
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    Try not to judge others. It's a good idea to keep yourself at your best and not worry about what others are doing. This applies to life in general as well as in the workplace.[/QUOTE]

    Dillweed: Excellant read on life at Brown. If only more people would take off the rose colored glasses.
  4. CharlestonMule

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    Dillweed: Excellant read on life at Brown. If only more people would take off the rose colored glasses.[/quote]

    Mabye I didnt make my point like I should have. I consider myself as an employee of UPS. NOt a White male employee but a hard working employee. I am in no way trying to insinuate that I have some type of predjudice towards another race and nothing could be further from the truth. I only asked because some of my co-workers were able to get hired on at our local sort even though they had felonies. 3 that I know of because they each told me. I remember HR telling me that if ANY little blip showed up on my background check that I count myself out. This is just one incident but the ones that I was concerned with were and that I was really speaking of were the reprimands that our supe hands out. You think that after being late 144 times this year (YES THIS YEAR!!!) that employee would have been written up but not so. I have had one tardy since I started and it was last wed. I got written up that morning. I said this was maybe too touchy to mention and I sure as hell dont wanna make any enemies on here with any employee no matter where you are. I guess maybe better left unsaid and I understand, I hope that neither of you took offense as none was ever intended.................MULE
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    it sounds unfair that you got written up, and the other person hasn't. in our building it is very hard to keep people, so in return nobody ever gets wriiten up for being late or missing work.
  6. over9five

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    "We treat each individual fairly..."

    Important words. You can find them in the UPS Code of Business Conduct
    If what you say is true, then you were not treated fairly. I think this is going to eat at you, and you should get it out in the open. Go to your manager and ask why you got a warning for one occurance, and the other person never has. I wouldn't bring race into it, but you deserve an explanation.
  7. Fnix

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    The only favoritism ive seen is all the women getting easy jobs.
  8. CharlestonMule

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    Yeah Angel, it's the same type of atmosphere at my local sort. Its very laid back, and I am the only person on the preload that I know of that has gotten written up. That includes no-call/no-shows, as well as excessive tardiness. What I said in the last post though is true, this guy has been late 144 times just this year and has yet to be written up. I just woke up 10 min late and in-turn got there ten min late. Right off the rip my supe had his little paper and clipboard ready:"Hey man Im really sorry but I gotta write you up". Im not mad about it, and again I really feel now that Ive opened a pandora's box and I may unintentionally send the wrong message. I love the people I work with, I have a great work relationship with everyone of them from the top down for the most part. We all help each other out all the time. It was just that instance of the write up that got me thinking, and I dont know what that means for me now. Is there a time period in which if you dont do anything wrong its removed or is it a big deal in the first place? The only reason im seemingly beating a dead horse is because Im tryin too hard to do everything perfect to hoefully stay noticed by the suits , as well as the supes. Ok, no more rambling...........................................................................MULE
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    Not in my center. I am one of three female drivers. We work just as hard as any of the men.
  10. dammor

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    Women have to move up throught the ranks just as the men do. If they can't handle it they don't make it just as the men who can't don't. Are you finding your job to be too difficult?
  11. dillweed

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    Charlestonmule - Don't worry about one write-up, it's nothing. Time erases the percentage of absinteeism and you have to go along ways before getting fired.

    Some folks learn the rules and constantly ride the limit. We have one, I love him, but he has ridden the line to being fired twice. Both times he showed back up. He's a good worker and they need the help.
  12. CharlestonMule

    CharlestonMule Charleston Mule

    I appreciate everyones input and I think I might just go ahead stick a fork in this one. Besides, I ought to direct all of this wasted energy on something thats constructive. So the hell with it, live and let live. So we are all clear here that I am not some psycho angry white male? GOOD! Cuz the Mule is Cool.
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    trickpony1 Well-Known Member your innocence you may have failed to consider the ramifactions of having your personal photo as your avatar even though it is somewhat obscure.
  14. rushfan

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    We will take anyone just to keep staffing up.
  15. MR_Vengeance

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    maybe in management? the work force doesn't show much of that.
  16. cast

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    Color of skin no,What god you believe in no, What you have between your legs yes!!!!!
  17. Fnix

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    No, but when/if I get hurt and I can't work at UPS anymore and ruin my career, and they can continue it because they do the easy jobs, it makes me furious.
  18. helenofcalifornia

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    Dude, when I started at UPS in the late 70's, they would put women in small sort or damage/rewrap. (They also dumped haz mats done the drain.) Times have changed and I haven't seen any of that in 20 years. And aren't all the "easy" jobs preferred jobs which means that they would go to seniority workers? I know you did not mean to insinuate that all women at UPS have it easy and don't work as hard putting in their time, as the men have to get where they are today.
  19. dillweed

    dillweed Well-Known Member

    Oh dear, this thread could take an ugly turn :sad:

    It's difficult not to generalize, isn't it? We see a few women or minorities who don't seem to be working as hard as the rest or we feel they are getting special treatment? I've seen plenty of good 'ole white males not doing their share but I don't judge all white males as lazy.

    No one ever said life would be fair. We don't know what the other person is going through in life and would probably NOT want to walk in their shoes, easy job or not.

    Everyone should get the same opportunity and if they suck it will catch up with them.
  20. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Of course there is racial favoritism at UPS. What do you think Affirmative Action is?