Is this standard operating procedure now?

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    This EDD thing a great, don't get me wrong. But Edd was the primary reasoning behind the increasing of SPORH. But, I STILL find myself TRYING to find that next stop or that OTHER package, which is likely on another package car. Then, on top of that, I am told to pull the package car over and SORT through the whole load every day to try to find misloads so they can be shuttled to the proper drivers. Do all centers have this policy? I have never seen this procedure in the 340 methods.
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    If a supervisor comes and gets your misloads file on it it's free money.
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    Our center went through all that in the months following the implementation of EDD/PAS yadda yadda yadda. It's an attempt to avoid admitting that it isn't a perfect system and have the misload numbers become invisible. As preloaders get more used to the system it will calm down a lot.
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    PAS/EDD has caused a lot of missorts and other service failures. There is nothing like finding a closed business in your 8000 Section from that last minute Add/Cut you have never run before. If you have a good Dispatch Supervisor that knows the area and can look at a map, it can be a great system. Our first Dispatch Sup when we went on EDD was great, the second one was the exact opposite. I'm glad he got fired the fourth time for an unrelated reason and it stuck. The two after that have been just so-so. The quality of the dispatch depends on how well the plan is put in to place.
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    The quality of the dispatch depends on how well the plan is put in to place.

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    Standard Operating procedure seems to be this......

    Spend millions on a system that in theory should help in dispatch and delivery functions. Then try to save on the cost of the system by cutting corners on implementation.

    There is no doubt in my mind that PAS/EDD could and should be an asset to the company. The problem in many (if not most) instances is that those tasked with the implementation phase were woefully unprepared and uneducated to the facts of what was required for a smooth and seamless transition. Add to that the rather short period of time they were allotted in implementing it and the problems were compounded.

    It's kind of like a hospital buying an MRI system and then having the maintenance guy running it and dealing with the results.

    If the proper amount of time had been spent upfront in implementation....a lot of the problems faced by many centers could have been averted. There will always be misloads and the like. The human element pretty much guarantees it.

    In my opinion....someone in corporate should take a step back and see PAS/EDD for what it is. A good system operating under a mediocre (at best) implementation. That is partially why the savings (time and money) from a delivery aspect is not being realized.
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    We have the same issues here. The misloads are bad but they are even worse when trucks get switched around, which seems to happen weekly. I have not figured this one out yet. :knockedout:
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    That pretty much sums it up. They tell you to sort your whole truck and then the next day you get disiplined for sorting and not using the methods of sliding up your next 5 stops.
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    We have been on EDD for several years. When it was rolled out, the pre-loaders were only to look at the smart (stupid) label. There were days NDA pkgs had a bad spa and did NOT get delivered. There are still days when the SPA (which means Scan, Peel, Apply) person is out of sync. Most of the time it seems to be the spa label is correct with the 1Z but has the wrong address. Supes used to say it was customers fault, they must have input wrong when the shipped, they think we are idiots. Now they don't say anything. As far as misloads go, they have gone up, IMO, since the EDD system was launched.
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    Yes, misloads have gone way up, as have missed packages and other service failures(such as late air). The reason is simple, no one KNOWS anything anymore. Used to be my preloader knew ever addres that went on my truck, and where I wanted it. Now they don't even know what town their loading. The lack of knowledge leads directly to misloads and service failures.
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    PAS has Stupified pre-loaders! 6+ years of PAS and it's not much better than day 1.
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    Don't hold back, say what you feel.
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    Our preloaders have to grab the package, check the last four of the 1Z on the PAL label to the 1Z on the delivery label, then check the address for a flip label (i.e. 123 west main street vs 123 east main street or John Magnolia on pond street vs john on magnolia st due to improper information input), then write the bay and sequence number on the package, and properly face the delivery label. They do this all while loading 3 to 4 trucks and trying to keep up with a flow that is 3 times faster then before we had PAS and had the charts memorized. Top that off with the loaders get moved around more than migrant workers and never load the same trucks twice. It's amazes me that they thought about taking away their skilled pay from loaders when PAS was implemented.

    Oh and don't forget the ADD/CUTS.

    I love preloaders. They're my heroes.
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    I had a misload today and was told to break trace and deliver it. Took 25 minutes from the time I broke trace till I got back to trace. Easiest $20 I have ever made.
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    I've been shuttling misloads between drivers for over 3 yrs, and it has been not been getting better. In fact it is rotten. I find this to be the most unrewarding position I have ever had.
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    PAS/EDD has been the best thing to come along in my 21 years. It has improved my efficiency quite a bit. I am also fortunate in that my loader does not simply look at the PAL and load accordingly but is also to set up my load properly. He will recognize bulk stops and load them where it will be easiest for me to deliver them from. I deliver to a college that uses mulitple addresses and he loads all of them together. I can easily do 20-30 more stops in the same time frame as pre-EDD.

    The only time I get upset with PAS/EDD is when the preload is running late and they don't SPA the packages.
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    That's really good for you, seriously. Although, according to UPS, you preloader is not doing his job as prescribed.
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    There's the better way and the UPS way.