Is UPS "narc"ing on it's customers?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by mr_roboto, Oct 24, 2003.

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    And what was UPS gonna do in the face of a court order. THese people are breaking the law that the elected officials put into effect. If they dont like the law, then they can vote these people out. But until then, they are breaking the law just as much as the person that ships that really funny weed through us. And we do provide information on that also.

  3. mr_roboto

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    " of Fenton, Mo., and its shipping company, United Parcel Service"

    The shipper( is the UPS customer. The names that UPS is supplying to the government are customers of a UPS shipper.

    I don't think that will instill alot of confidence in UPS shippers.

    If the Government wants should go to the source( UPS

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    Is your name on the list?
  5. mr_roboto

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    Are you a Government snoop?
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    Dirtcheapcigs will not even ship to NY anymore. They are not allowed to by law.I guess if there wasnt a tax involved they still would be shipping here.
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    Lets keep it simple. No gray area with integrity. If this company is shipping cigs to states like the ones listed below and avoiding the state taxes then that activity is illegal. Not slightly illegal or some illegal. Its illegal and if UPS is asked for this information they should provide it.
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    You will give the gooberment the information if they can legally shut your doors if you dont.

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    "Are you a Government snoop?"

    Roboto, I am a Government snoop, but just a part-time one. My full-time job is working with and for UPS. Tie and Danny said it well. Read their messages slowly and you will understand.

    God forbid we should turn on our customers that are breaking the law. Hell, we could ship crack and make a killing. That's not what we do though. We have no room for customers or employees that are less than honest.
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    "I am a Government snoop"

    Maybe that could be Incorporated into the UPS logo along with gold colored lapel pins for all the drivers on next Founders day?
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    You know some people are just too stupid to understand that when one of our customers use UPS to violate the law, the authorities have the right to come in and look at our records.

    JUst like our COD policy. People were getting around claiming incometax by using our company for deliveries with cash cods, and had cods under a certain amount. Now because of the gooberment steping in and telling UPS we had to change things or get punished, we changed the COD policy, and of course now do not take cash at all.

    Its not that we wanted to narc on our customers, its that we do not support illegal activities and have to respond to the gooberment when they legally come to us for information

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    Maybe if all of these people quit smoking then this would not be an issue!

    What a nasty habit....and trying to do it illegally at that.
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    Dammor sez "We have no room for customers or employees that are less than honest."

    from the article...... a UPS spokesman said that his firm was not the company that had provided the information and would resist efforts to obtain the information. "We keep confidential information confidential," said UPS spokesman David Bolger. "We are not a tax collector."

    less than honest?
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    Roboto this is clearly two different issues. One being the legality of shipping cigarettes to avoid taxes and the other maintaining the confidentiality of our customers. We are sitting here debating an issue that we don't know the answers to . We don't know if one arm of UPS is truthfully saying he never gave the information while another arm of UPS may have given it. We really don't know anymore than the one article we read . Of that we don't know how much is accurate. This is asinine to sit here and try to argue details that we are not privy to.