IS UPS self-centered? Chicken or the egg?

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    Originally Posted by trplnkl
    This attitude is not unique to UPS ... ME ME ME ME.....
    I agree.

    It really seems to be the way everyone looks at the world (probably has always been like this).

    From what I've seen here on BC (including myself), this attitude is not just for those outside of UPS. I think this has changed within UPS over the last 15 or so years at UPS, primarily because the company has changed. I hesiotate to personify a company but if we do personify UPS, most people would say that UPS's attitude has changed to where it is ME ME ME ME.....

    I guess the question is which came first? Is UPS the chicken or the egg?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    When I was first hired my center manager gave me this advice: "Take care of yourself as no one here will do it for you."

    I would like to think that we have a level of teamwork within my center but I do see a lot of ME, especially in the younger drivers.

    This is most certainly not the UPS that Rod speaks of where the guys would work together during the day and then go to the local bar and drink together after their shift.
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    It's always been that way. ME ME ME ME (as you put it) is the essence of free market capitalism, ie, individual people each making decisions in their own self interest. Collectively those individual decisions determine the direction of the larger market.
    My goal has never been to serve the greater interests of UPS, I work for myself and I always have. UPS is a good job, but at the end of the day that's all it is to me, a job.
  4. Covemastah

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    That was the UPS that hired me too !!!
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    We could make a reality show called UPS Survivor. All we do all day is figure out ways to stay employed. We could also call it Fear factor because any day could be your last. One example. If driver "A" is locked into a certain SPORH and driver "B" needs someone to meet him and take some stops, driver "A" will attempt to turn down the request because the time wasted meeting driver "B" will kill the SPOHR of driver"A" and he will spend the next day in the office with union representation all because he tried to help his teammate.
  6. dilligaf

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    It's funny you should mention this. In a way I think mgt makes it all about me me me me. We were told recently that we have to call in and get an ok to help someone else out. There isn't anymore of the ROD era left, I think. There are plenty of 'old timers' still around but many of them have even adopted the 'new' ways. I got an ODS the other day asking if I was interested in helping another driver. My answer was no. Primarily my reason was because it would have added 40 minutes of driving time alone. Also, if had volunteered I would not have been allowed to claim the 9.5 that I undoubtedly would have had. The other reason is because I simply don't like the driver.

    Upstate is right, we have to take care of ourselves and that does foster a 'me' attitude.
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    I remember bunches of us would meet in a parking lot (off property!) to have a few beers after work. Or meet down the Three Bs or that sports bar on Gorham St (What was the name of that place, Cove?)
    Is it a young guy thing? Maybe us old people don't do that anymore.
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    Me? Got too much to lose now. With capture BAL at .04 for CDLs, it don't take much and I ain't gonna risk it anymore. Like I sure did before.
  9. over9five

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    Exactly, me too.
  10. Brown Rocket

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    I am a "young driver" and I can tell you the exact day I stopped being a team player.

    I was asked to go help a veteran who was on a new bid route and "in the weeds" or so I thought. I hadn't taken my lunch (my own fault I know but I was still a company man team player at the time) and was finished with my work at 1630. I got to the driver and asked, "What happened?" He told me, and I quote, "I don't want so many stops on this route so I took my lunch at noon just to screw (insert dispatchers name here) over"

    So I took 25 stops off him, ran them and went in. I took my lunch in the building and watched him leave ot 1830 while I was stuck till 1920. That was the last time I took my lunch in the building or volunteered to help anyone. I used to call or message that I was done but they have ODSe now; if they need someone they'll notice who is done and just ask. No friends Friday is everyday in my center.
  11. rod

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    We also used to organize our own Christmas Dinner Partys (was always the last Friday night before Christmas) and have family picnics in the summer. We also had golfing and fishing tournaments on weekends. If someone needed their house re-roofed all they had to do was buy a couple of cases of beer and a half dozen guys would be there on Sat morning to help. Sometimes we even waited until the roof was done to pop the first beer. :wink2: I haven't seen any of this going on at UPS for many years. The times- they are a changing. Too bad.

    I almost forgot our ice fishing tournament we had every winter. That was a hoot- some guys even drilled holes in the ice. Part of that days events included a potato gun shooting contest and a minnow eating contest.
  12. brownmonster

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    I hosted a Christmas Happy Hour at my house last year. Invited anyone in the center. 10 people showed up. I guess free food and beer don't appeal to people anymore.
  13. NHDRVR

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    When I started driving in Manchester, NH, our shop steward, Tom, once pulled me aside and mentioned a couple of things that I still remember 20 years later.

    "Be aware of whose route you are doing and make sure you are not being taken advantage of." I had NO idea what he was talking about at the time and through numerous center managers, on-roads, and routes, I see the bigger picture now and I can read between the lines.

    In my opinion there is not a chicken/egg anymore. This animal that we work for is a daily survival tactic.

    Overly dramatic??... perhaps, but

    Name me one driver in your center that is concerned with who he/she is pissing off or what he/she can do to improve the company...

    they aren't...

    You grab your diad, punch in, bitch about dispatch, and try not to get hurt or get in an accident. I don't care about 'UPS' (sorry), the customers, or ,my pickup compliance time...

    I am thinking about my family, my kids, and what I need to do over the weekend.

    This isn't selfiish, it's reality...

    No chicken, no egg...
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    You didn't give me your address.
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    Sounds a lot like the UPS i worked for,except for the ice fishing.even the retirement party's are slowly going away. sad.
  16. Monkey Butt

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    Or even Klein where they would get together, go to the local bar and drink together during their shift.
  17. cachsux

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    I`ll tell you about something stupid. My last day in package we all went across the street,mgmt included, and I bought rounds as we closed the place down. Not the brightest move for a group,especially myself,that depends on a drivers license for a living.
  18. MC4YOU2

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    When I started 20 years ago, we still had a driver sort and load operation in our then 18 - 20 car center. Now we have the preload, edd, ods-e, micro micro management and 13-14 cars. We are no longer the bunch of half to 3/4 happy loader/drivers that knew each other pretty good and enjoyed showing up each and every day to do the job that was mostly what we made of it, good or bad, life was good. Now we just show up, do it, and leave. Like cheap dates.

    Now with all the tech advancements, we only briefly interact in the AM, hit the road and really have lost touch with each other by and large.

    It's funny how what UPS has been trying to do for years is to create a workforce that is bland and devoid of any personality and just robotically go out there and do the methods. They have now gotten pretty close to that, but as a downside no one cares about each other as much so all the "teamwork" days are looong gone bye bye. Teamwork built UPS, lack of it cannot be a healthy thing for the future. Be careful what you wish for, you may get your robots.:dissapointed:

    Yes the younger drivers are faster than the older ones, just like we were faster than our predecessors, but without the advantage of learned camaraderie. Yes it's me-me-me-me, young and old alike nowadays.
  19. raceanoncr

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    Been there, done that too. Before national CDL rules and .04 also. Did some REALLY stooopid things then. Well, just do DIFFERENT stoopid things now.

    Reminds me one time we suspected one of our drivers was putting a tie on. You know, they can't say anything to nobody til they show up in their GOODWILL suit on Monday. We had him up at the local watering hole (which, by his past conduct, would have his name on the deed), stayed for hours. All were just drunker than snot. Just him and I were left. I asked him if he was goin in. Course, he replied NO. We both came in that night, still probably lite up pretty good. Made our runs (don't know how). Monday he shows up with the tie on.

    Lookin back, a bad move. But, he probably had reason to dummy up too.
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    I'm seeing a lot of ME ME ME too at my center. I've driven some routes as a cover driver where help was hard to find and you can only count on yourself. Luckily, I've build up a little network around me with drivers who are willing to help each other out when help is needed. :happy2:

    I would've showed up...and I guess you could count Klein in too for the free beer :laughing: