Isabel is on the way

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upsdude, Sep 17, 2003.

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    Good Luck Folks!

    Myself and many other UPSers have a date with Isabel beginning tomorrow. By yesterday afternoon businesses on my route began to look abandoned. Plywood covered windows and empty parking lots will be the norm Thursday afternoon and Friday. UPS plans a normal workday Thursday, Friday is uncertain. Isabels predicted path places her eye on my route at around 6:00 PM Thursday. I guess that means Isabel will be picking up my drop boxes! LOL!
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    Not if Pat Robertson has his way!
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    Keep safe and remember saftey first.
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    Yes, safety is always first at UPS.... as long as you finish the route.
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    And dont forget not to put the packages in the screen door.The wind will be very, very heavy at times.There is business as usual here in NY too.Did anyone see the pictures of Isabel from the space station. OMG does it look scary.I have a good feeling the corporate office will issue a curfue for 7:00 just like they did with the blizzard we had this year.Its going to be one of those days guys.....
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    We worked Thursday until about 10:30 AM. I lost power at my home at 11:00 AM Thursday (the power came back up at 5:00 PM Sunday). At least 2 drivers in my building had their homes destroyed by falling trees, no injuries that Im aware of. Ill find out more Monday morning. Absolute devastation, I dont know of any other way to describe it. Many roads are still impassable. I guess our peak season will begin Monday morning, this is going to take a while.
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    That sucks UPSDUDE, Thank GOD no one got hurt. What part of the states did you say you were from???? New York they said was going to get pounded......All we got was 40mph winds and a little rain up here....
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    So far in Maryland - I belive that 3 people died because of the storm .... 2 people from carbon monoxide poisoning and an electrical worker from another state. Did any one work during the storm? Upper management made an awful decision and ran our sort when only supervisors and about 40 people came that night - we all should have been home.....