Isn't DIAD a funny word?!?! and dog bites

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  1. So this diad thing, it's funny. Also, when there's a dog at a drop site, me and the driver just look at each other like okay who is going to take this one. He tells me whether or not the dog is vicious or playful. When it is vicious, then oh boy! One time I used a package and placed it between me and the dog. It worked, but the dog turned out to be playful. I had two dogs jump onto me, that was scary ahhhh! I'm only a driver helper and it's my third day on the job! HELP ME!
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    cachsux Wah

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    What can Donald Trump do to help ???
  5. menotyou

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    He is really becoming obvious.
  6. Whats the suit and tie for? Is that something I should look into??
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    Do you wear a helmet in the PC?
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    Smack'em with said diad!
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    The new diad is too small. I found out the hard way. =P
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    The new diad is too small to hit a dog.