It was a promising job once

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by mcutrono, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. mcutrono

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    I started this job over 10 years ago. It started as a promising job with great benefits. As a matter of fact, the managers doing the interview used it as a selling point. 2 years ago, our HR rep walked in the door and said that if we had a spouse that had insurance, we might be better off with their insurance. That was the first time EVER anyone has ever said that.

    Im in a market where the property taxes are ridiculous along with the rest of cost of living. In those 10+ years I am with the company, I've busted my back like I'm sure most of you have every peak. I did it not for the company, but for myself and my family so I could get home on Christmas eve and be with them. One year I did 260 stops in one day a few days before Christmas, yes Im an idiot who wanted to clear things out to get home to his family, and yes, I was falling asleep at the dining room table like every other year. Every day at work I do my route as efficiently as I can. Not for the company, but because I value time spent with my family. Im not saying I'm terrific, I'm just saying I do my job, I dont milk my route by reading the paper in between stops and I do help out people next to me when I can.

    10+ years later. Ive gotten a total of $5 more an hour. I'm still making $8+ less than guys at the top, guys who told me when they started they were pushed to top pay a year in.

    I'm making $2 an hour than the guy that walked through the door yesterday and will quit in 2 weeks. I'm at the point in my life now where being married and having kids I cant just quit. Me and my family will probably have to leave the state, and leave our families behind because I cant just up and leave and start over at the bottom with another job.

    Fedex doesnt care about turnover. I've seen alot of people leave the company that were great couriers, and people that cant read a map take their place. Ive seen great couriers get written up over things so trivial while the garbage courier gets away scott free. This place rewards incompetence. It's amazing. I doubt anyone from Memphis will read this, and quite frankly I could care less if they do. Nothing will change. I saw the post about raises. I WILL NEVER SEE top pay in this company. They see night routes as a reward for working here. They say, "Oh theres always ways to make more money here, we have 5 open night routes" More money per hour is a reward and getting to go home to your family without spending 13 hours at work. And now they enforce this one hour break garbage. It may not be company wide, but it is district wide where I am. Some days i work 6.5 hours and have to take an hour break or we get a letter. There is no more P-S-P Philosophy. It's just Profit-Profit-Profit.

    I have no problems with those of you raising your pompoms in praise of the company. Good for you. Maybe in some other states it's better. But where I am, it's a sweatshop. I'm trapped. They force you to do night routes on a whim. They call it a "draft list" now. But it's always the same guys getting forced. Comical. Late freight what seems like everyday for 7 months.

    I just needed to vent. And I cant wait for the day where I can finally rid myself of this job.
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  2. Route 66

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    Unfortunately, your story is that of far too many.

    Look on the bright side - if you thought this was a promising job with great bennies ten years ago, imagine how those of us who started some 25 to 30+ years ago feel about it now.

    Watching the long steady erosion of what was once a highly desireable place to work is really quite depressing. And many of us feel like the frog that was placed in the kettle of water with the burner being ever so slowly turned up.

    We should've jumped a long time ago, but foolishly felt that it wouldn't/couldn't possibly get any hotter.
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  3. mcutrono

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    I totally agree. I once had the Eastern District Director stand in our station about 5 years ago. I dont remember his name. He was the guy from Boston before Nesbitt. After people in my salary range askes him about getting to top pay, his response was "Let's ask the senior guys here if they are willing to take a paycut in order for that to happen." I guess Im the guy that sat in the front row and watched Nero play the violin as Rome was burning
  4. Code43

    Code43 Member

    Thank you. You just put into words what I've wanted to say for years. I'm on the opposite side of the country from you I'm assuming. It's no different here. I'm actually in the middle of filing for bankruptcy. I'm not the only 10 year-ish employee in my area doing either. What did I do to deserve this you ask? I got married and had kids. Shame on me for trying to live like lower middle class. We're clearly not worthy of owning our own homes or having families we can actually support.
  5. hypo hanna

    hypo hanna Well-Known Member

    So basically his solution was the pitting of one group of employees against another rather then address the problem.
    That's FedEx mgmt in a nutshell.
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  6. mcutrono

    mcutrono Member

    I pray that all turns out well for you and your family. It's very hard when you're hamstrung by a job. I live in a co-op. I could buy a house if I left the state. But that's a big move. It's my family that's keeping me here for now. I hope bancruptcy isnt in my future. It's a shame
  7. mcutrono

    mcutrono Member

    Classy guy, right? I wish I could remember his name. He was very defensive and arrogant. Typical corporate guy.
  8. Code43

    Code43 Member

    I hope everything works out for you. My situation was by my own doing. I kept telling myself the pay was going to get better over time ( I didn't know any better) but it never has it doesn't look like it ever will. People are finally figuring it out and leaving. Hopefully we will all find better paying jobs at some point. For now.. I will show up to work and deliver packages. Doesn't mean I have to like it, though.
  9. mcutrono

    mcutrono Member

    Thank you. I feel the same exact way you do..
  10. mule/donkey

    mule/donkey New Member

  11. Code43

    Code43 Member

    If you really want to take an honest look at what they've done.. Look up your annual income from the time you went full time until now and plug into an inflation calculater.
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  12. mcutrono

    mcutrono Member

    I would, but I'm afraid I would need to go on meds for deep depression after. And I cant afford the co-pay lol
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  13. olroadbeech

    olroadbeech Happy Verified UPSer

    Read this book that changed my way of thinking. "Your Money Or Your Life" after I read this book I moved from a high cost of living area to a low cost of living area. it was fantastic. we started over from scratch instead of us both working 60 hrs a week to my spouse staying home to raise kids etc.

    a lot of our drivers retire and move to OR ,ID, WY, Montana, the Dakotas etc. where you can buy a new home for 150k ( my daughter did it. with craigslist you can research jobs, real estate . with a CDL you can work and live anywhere.

    fedex and ups is not the only game in town anymore. many small companies are on the rise and there are good opportunities available for hard workers.

    I was in your shoes 25 years ago and im hearing what you are saying. when things In life are not going your way it is usually because you are going in the wrong direction. ( eastern philosophy )

    once we decided to move and change our direction things started falling into place and going right.

    I don't believe in good luck. there is an old saying "the harder I work, the luckier I get "

    wishing you and your family a better future.
  14. mcutrono

    mcutrono Member

    Thank you! I will definitely look into that book. Im going to see if it's on Amazon. I need to do something. The anxiety I have been getting is unreal. I am looking into moving to Pennsylvania. Its cheaper than where I am
  15. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    How many of you fought to bring in a union 25....15.....5 years ago?

    Alone, you have nothing to bargain with.

    Without a union, it's take it or leave it.

    Should have went union years ago.

    All those pay and benefit increases you would have had, went to Freddy and the shareholders.

    Good job........not.
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  16. jagoff

    jagoff New Member

    It's the exact same here in PA buddy [emoji53]
  17. mcutrono

    mcutrono Member

    5 years ago we had no shot for the union. The bill that would have made it easier to unionize was stalled in Congress. These ludicrous loopholes keep anything from happening. Im an airline employee, yet I dont touch a plane. And the ground drivers are truck drivers yet they're not employees. This country killed the middle class by taking "contributions" from big companies. No end in site
  18. mcutrono

    mcutrono Member

    I figured as much, but it's unmanageable here. I'd even take living in the sticks with the Amish at this point
  19. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    Y'all sound pretty defeated. Maybe an online petition/letter writing campaign to Senator Sanders? Maybe a link to the BC website? Maybe there is nothing to be done.

    What is certain is that FDX has has the legal high ground. The only thing they might not have is public opinion but the full picture would have to get out to them. I was hoping MFE would be interested in spearheading this as he has tried many times to get media involvement and is something of a rock star in the "to the gallows with Freddy crowd".
  20. Route 66

    Route 66 Bent Member

    Actually that kinda doesn't sound half bad to me......but where would I charge my iphone?