It would appear we are royally :censored:ed

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What happens if the pvd gets hurt on the job… who is responsible for paying hospital visit and or physical therapy??
Good question! I don’t know. But last peak one pvd guy slide off icy road , got stuck , had to have tow truck get him out etc etc.. he told me ups wouldn’t pay the tow bill. All they did was send a pkg car driver that was close to take rest of his stops lol.


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Yeah sorry about that. Just grumpy today.


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The average Amazon driver only stays 3-4 months…they are burning through these folks faster than Americans can repopulate…lol

Same here aslo, we need them for 6 weeks. UPS doesn't care after that, they only think about what they need right now. Next Christmas will catch them by surprise and start the dance all over again.