Its ratified...We are screwed!!

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    No it's pretty much known that the majority of the voters were full-timers despite the fact that UPS has a 60% part-time work force. The sad fact is that allot of part-timers didn't vote at all. They didn't see any reason to. Its like I said in my previous post...they just don't want to spend their money on union dues for a union that craps on them and allot feel that full-timers crap on them as well and just assume they are better off staying out of the process. Well thats how it is at the two UPSs I've worked at anyway.
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    So even though part timers control 60% of the vote, you blame full timers for passing the contract. Shouldnt you be blaming your part time "brothers" for not voting? They have no right to complain if they didnt even vote! Where did you get the "sad fact" that many did not even vote?

    Seems to me you should rethink who your blaming.
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    Good news for all the unhappy ones. I hear CF is hiring. Also heard thier stock was a great buy right now. Read the newspaper. If that doesn't improve your attitude it can't be improved.
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    oh no!!! with cf now in the bucket,preload will go way under. they will never be able to wrap it up and our godawful loads are going to put us way over 9five. what are we gonna do?[​IMG]
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    Kims selling some real nice T-shirts for 25 bucks a pop that will help you feel much better about yourself.
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    i thought kim was a male
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    Yo Dammor!!! I do appreciate your sarcasm!!Yes--indeed CF is looking for some good people---probably to watch the empty trailers that are in their yard!!!

    We have someone whose husband was working for CF--prior to that he was working for Willig----he would kill to work for UPS---a SOLID company.

    I do hope that we realize that we are fortunate to work for a company that is so financially stable---and there are people that would love to take the places of those who are not happy here!!!
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    Yo Saint----you definitely got the "ZERO" thing wired in-----I would say you have a corner on the market in that area!!

    Some people appear to have too much time on their hands--to think if that energy could be redirected into sometime positve---you may actually have a life!!
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    lets quite fiquring you have been screwed by the contract. lets put our energies to work to unionize fedex, retired as well and current employees could do so much to get this done. tell that fedex driver you see on route how happy you are to be represented by the teamsters. let them know that they are doing the same work you are for less money and benefits.