Its ratified...We are screwed!!

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    Well looks like part-timers are screwed once again. The contract is ratified and we are STILL the lowest paid in the business and our full-time "brothers" thought fit to vote that way. I guess the thought of making 28.00/hr in 6 years would make me forget about who loads my trucks every morning. Drivers that voted yes....have fun swimming through your god alfull loads for now on. Yes...its is possible for the loads to get worse than they already where and you all WILL be finding that out soon. Feeders that voted yes...Have fun watching your load percentages go down enough for management to take away feeder runs because load quality on the trailers gets worse and damages half the packages and business is being lost. Also have fun getting bumped back down to your old jobs and having to put some effort in you work from then on because of the lack of work for you to have your feeder run. For those drivers and feeders that voted no....I commend you all on remembering you roots as part-time slaves and for realizing that we deserve a bigger share of "the green ups is rolling in". I realize that there were other issues that made you vote no also though and respect that as well. Part-timers that voted yes...WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING??? Some of you probably didn't really care cause you don't plan on being around in 6 years but in that respect...why even vote?? For those of you reading this and are thinking "there are other jobs...go work somewhere else", I'd like to meet someone like you and see if you can look me in the eye and honestly say that part-timers got what they deserved because you know we aren't getting it.
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    Here's a little unsolicited advice.

    Go back to school and get some skills. You can then shop around for the highest pay and benefits instead of depending so heavily on UPS because it is one of the few places that you can get a decent wage without coming in with any education. You can spend as much energy on school as you do on trying to infect the internet boards with your hatred and you will actually be improving your life instead of whatever it is you are trying to do here.

    You only get one life, don't waste it being miserable.

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    upslocal480: Well looks like part-timers are screwed once again. The contract is ratified and we are STILL the lowest paid in the business and our full-time "brothers" thought fit to vote that way. I guess the thought of making 28.00/hr in 6 years would make me forget about who loads my trucks every morning.
    Don't you get tired of blaming someone else? How bout this time you look in the mirror? There are more part time employees that full time. If you're looking to "blame" someone for ratifying a good contract, scout around for that mirror and guess who will be looking back?
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    Drivers that voted yes....have fun swimming through your god alfull loads for now on. Yes...its is possible for the loads to get worse than they already where and you all WILL be finding that out soon.
    That's too funny. You ought to be a comedian.
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    Acouple things;
    1.If you want to eliminate feeder runs you will have to make the loads better and tighter, not sloppier than thay are now. This is probably beyond the scope of your abilities.
    2. I agree you didn't get what you deserve. With your horsebleep attitude you deserve to be fired.

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    To 480 how much do you think part time workers should get paid? I don't understand? Do you want full time? But I can't imagine what kind of a driver you would make. If you were full time driver you would still be miserable. I thnik UPS is not the company for you and how long have you been at UPS.
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    i voted yes, and i was part time for 7 1/2 yrs. fulltime now, when i look at these part timers, the so called new generation... i'm glad you guys are getting screwed, cuz you dont deserve anything, in my era of being part time, the part timers worked hard, never complained, now these new generation, so called weasels, dont get my support, so there, have a nice day, dont care about the loads, the sups will be right on your butt and fire you and another fool will take your place... next contract talks, bet ya wont be employed to see it, or enjoy it...

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    I just don't get it the bitterness and angry. My husband has been a driver for 23 yrs. and just doesn't feel the same way as most you in here. He feels he is paid well to do a job and he does a good job. Sounds like some of you are really unhappy people and you would be no matter what your job was or how much you got paid.
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    So predictable some people are that I knew some of you would try and feed me the classic "go somewhere else" or "get an education" lines. I can voice my opinion about this or anything else I want and that doesn't make me any less than any of you. So I guess when my views differ from yours its automatically considered an "infection"?? LMAO! I wasn't aware that in order to be able to post on this board that I had to have the same exact point of views on everything as the rest of you that responded to this thread. Oh and my "horsebleep attitude"?? is an opinion and if you can't deal with it then why do you visit this board? I guess all of you voted yes huh? Don't tell me to go work somewhere else because I think we should be paid more when you are probably making 20something an hour. I like UPS but think the pay stinks for part-timers. I dont think we should make 23.00/hr but we should at least make more than Fed Ex part-timers but we dont. We are the lowest paid of the package business yet we work for the "best" package company and UPS and the Union have been promising a wage gap closure and 0.10/hr for 6 years is more like them punching us in the face and laughing about it. We have the highest paid drivers and the lowest paid part-timers in the business and it doesn't take much thought to realize that part-timers are being screwed in that ratio. Oh and "Feeder"...spare me with your "back in the days we worked harder" BS because you were no better, and are no better than the part timers now. One of you told me I wouldnt be a good driver because of what I've said on here. LMAO! You think just because you dont agree with my opinion that I wouldnt be a good driver? Are you on medication? You people that have responded to this so far are narrow minded. I know that you people are apparently content and happy with your jobs but that doesn't mean that other people are wrong for not being happy with theirs. My only problem is the wage gap and the fact that we make less than the companys that we are supposedly kicking ass against. Sorry for having my own thoughts and opinions. I guess I'll go to UPS's mind control classes and start praying to Big Brother like the rest of you.
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    Your "horsebleep attitude" is what it is. It is not an "opinion". When you threaten to not do the job you are getting paid to do, action should be taken by the management group in your operation. Hopefully some of them participate on this board. UPS does not need employees who are unwilling to perform their job. Employees like you make everyone else's job harder than it needs to be. You are beneath contempt.

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    Did I say I specifically was going to do such a thing? NO...I didn't. If you are gonna put words in my mouth please do a better job and have some clear cut credibility to back it up. I know of many people that will do that though. And everytime you try and insult me for having an opinion you just make yourself seem more ingnorant and it makes you look like you don't respect anyone elses views. Let me rephrase my OPINION so that all the narrow minded people out there can understand better and not be able to flip my opinions over into threats...Allot of part timers out there will get frustrated with their status at UPS as the lowest paid scum and it will show in their work. There...that should help you understand my OPINION on the matter more clearly. Turnover rates will probably sky rocket and good experienced help will be rare.
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    Yes, to bad that it was ratified, now UPS will give the money "left in the brown paper bag" to the pilots next x-mas. I am sad that the part-timers were again left out in the cold, but thats the UPS way.
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    I was a part timer,for 7rs, I said this in my last thread... I believe(in the ups way) is to weed out the goons and fools,just to see if some want to cling on to a career at ups, and if their still around for about 7 to 10yrs, make them full time..(a classic ups employee, who paid his/her dues. Now you can enjoy the higher wages now, not as a part timer). You just dont give new hire partimers higher wages from the get must earn it.. if part timers were making almost the same as the full timers, who would take a full time position in this company??? you want to be a lifer...full time is were the moneys at.

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    Shouldn't some of this anger be directed at The Union? They are representing all of the hourly employees (including the P/Ters) at the bargaining table.

    Afterall, to be fair, UPS is like every other business in the world. Their purpose is to keep operating costs as low as possible (including labor) and still be able to attract people to work there (which they obviously do) and to charge as much as possible for their service or product and still be competetive. Businesses that do not follow this approach fail.

    It is up to the Union representives to push for as much as they possibly can for all of their constituents. It seems to me they could have reduced the pay increase to the F/Ters (while still giving them a fair wage escalation) and increased the pay of the P/Ters, but they apparently chose not to go that route.


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    I'm happy I have full time job security for the next 6 years even though I voted no. I'm unhappy when a full time sup says "you should be happy what we gave you." These type of people make it hard for everyone else. We earn our pay. It is not given to us. The sups earn their pay also. Its the attitude they lay on us that sucks
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    How long have you been working here? I doubt any of the people in this discussion were not part timers at time in thier career. I know I was. I also know one thing for damn sure. With your attitude you would be better served moving back in with Mom & Dad and using that line on them. They might just take care of you. Out here in the real world you have to hang in there and actually work hard to get ahead. And if you think making your loads any worse than they are will further your cause you are really confused.
    The driver you think you are teaching a lesson will do thier job the best they can whether you give them a good load or not. I would have never loaded a truck bad on purpose. Who are you really mad at? Seek help.......
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    mrbrown....I couldn't agree more, I'm beginning to think that the whole attitude thing is all part of the power trip that Most of the sups I've seen are on. And it's not so much the sups, but the center manager's that make the attitude sort of trickle down through the ranks and we little people are the ones that have to deal with it. I think our current cen. mangr. got his ass beat a lot back in school, now his "large and in charge" syndrome really SUCKS! But then there are those select FEW who remember where they came from, and have enough COMMON sence to realize that we are all in the same boat here...LIGHTEN UP and relax just a little bit and at least make an attempt to work with each other here! There is just never a need for the us against them attitude that some of these idiots bring to the office with them everyday! Our current center manager just absolutely THRIVES on confrontation...I really don't think he can sleep at night unless he has had to confront an honest hard working driver and a shop stewart. I'm seriouse...there is just no working with this guy. He's clearly head hunting, just messing with people's livleyhoods here! It's really sad and discouraging to think that......this is what the higher up's are looking for in order to get moved up through the ranks here in the ups army? See just how much of a disgrunteld atmosphere you can create, so the higher up's take notice? that's begining to really worry me. I've done 15 years and NEVER had to deal with such a one sided c.m.! God be with me for the next 15 I still have to go, PLEASE GOD......let that revolving door he's working in hurry up and turn again! AMEN [​IMG]
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    This message I can relate to. I'll bet in my 23 years at UPS I have seen 14 or more center managers. These men can the difference between heaven & hell in our work lifes. What I have learned in my old age though is that they are ridden harder than we can imagine. It comes from the top. Some of them handle it better than others. The ones that don't will make your life hell. I remember one of my fellow workers said one time, "I would rather take a beating than to walk into his office and ask for a pen." That pretty much described this man. What I have hated is having to prove myself over and over again each time a new one comes in. Best thing to do with a bad one is just do your job, lay low, and hope the hell he leaves. I'm lucky now to have a good one, which means he will probably be shipped off. Asking for a pen will be hard again soon I'm sure :-))