Its really HOT.

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    That is all...

    as you were.
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    You had to remind me didn't you!

    I hate this time of year, I really do!

    Interesting article from South Dakota

    The Rapid City Journal
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    BTW: Saw the last little bit of a 2 hour program on Discovery last night on Global Warming and found out the program will re-air this coming Saturday night. I either plan to watch or will tape to see later but I do plan on watching it. It wasn't all gloom and doom but it wasn't peaches and cream either. You might check it out and make up your own mind.

    Discovery Channel :: Global Warming :: About the Show
  4. dannyboy

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    It is hot. And the hours worked are not any less. It would seem to me that if the company was really on a safety kick and overly concerned about the well being of the drivers they would attempt to lower the paid day. After all 10+ hours in this heat is oppressive.

    How about it Atlanta? Do you really care about the employees or just what safety issues Liberty mutual has to pay claims on?

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    Well said old chap...
    well said indeed.
  6. scratch

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    They don't care. Forecast in Atlanta is mid-nineties all week, 130 in the back of the P7. Hope they are enjoying the AC. By the way, why do Feeder Drivers get AC while the Package Drivers who actually deal with the public don't?:mad:
  7. outta hours

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    109 here today. 3 drivers taken off road and to the hospital. Mgmnt. says drink more water. That is not the answer. Does not matter how much you drink when your out in it 10-11 hrs. a day. Right now at 10:17 pm it is still 100. Slow down and take frequent breaks to stay ALIVE. It can be deadly be careful.
  8. toonertoo

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    Every radio station I listened to today, says "there must be something wrong, the thermometer outside our studio says 100 degrees, and people are calling in saying theres does too!" Heres a news flash IT WAS.
    It was hot, but not the worst, Or else I just quit sweatin........It wasnt as humid I didnt think. Ill take it over the cold any day. You just dump water on yourself and drink, alot. No one seems to care if you look "professional", or even notices, its hot everyone looks crappy. As much as drinking you need to physically cool down your blood, cold rag on neck, etc. I love summer. And I only had a 9.5, a good day.
    As outta hours says, it can be deadly, the high heat in Texas in Early June contributed to my brothers death, he never got the water thing. He worked outside, and it was 109-110 for days, earlier than usual.
  9. retired2000

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    a/c in the cars would only really work when you were going to and coming back from your area.
  10. speeddemon

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    Just slow down guys and gals. They dont care about your safety, thats obvious. You have to watch out for you.
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    If everyone does all the work and not bring some back nothing will change!
  12. traveler

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    As an old fisherman I learned a neat, inexpensive trick that works in the heat. Take a wash-cloth or hand towel from home, soak it in cold water from the tap, put it in a plastic zip-lock bag and take it with you on area. When you are hot as can be, take out the wet towel and wipe your face and arms. You won't believe how refreshing it is. If the towel gets too warm (seldom happens) all you need do is refresh it in any bathroom sink with cold water from the tap.

    :cool: :wink:
  13. dannyboy

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    A small cooler full of ice water and a small towel does the same thing. Nothing like cooling off and wiping the salt out of your eyes.

  14. danlin

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    run your wrists under cold water when taking a potty break. Works for me!

  15. If you want A/C why don't you go into management? Oh yeah, you need to be able to complain less and work more!
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    best way to cool off is to soak a hankerchief in a bag of ice, tie it around your neck and resoak it as it dries off. old motorcyclist trick.
  17. disneyworld

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    And if that doesn't work,slit your wrists.
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    All of the above.
    Have you ever taken your shoes and socks off and dunked your feet in your cooler full of ice water............refreshing is not the word.
    I used to live on the beach and when i ran that route i would go home, change into my trunks and grab my surfboard.
    Didnt get alot to eat, but being in the water was enough for me.
  20. true_1_ace

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    I actually have customers who let me run through the lawn sprinkler if its out also have a water truck doing land scape who will soak me and the truck as I slowly drive by ,surprised I havent had any shorts in the wiring yet lol:w00t: