"Job abandonment" mgmt. sent me home. Am I fired??

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by HPLude, Apr 8, 2008.

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    Yesterday during break I felt extremly ill. I left a note near the clock with the time and reason I left, reason being I couldn't find any mgmt. during break and I couldnt hangaround. today they confronted me and I told them everything with honesty. They said I "quit" yesterday and sent me home after 9 mins of working. Why couldn't they tell me this pre-PCM or right after? They didn't tell me to show up tommorow, or not to show up. I understand that I have been late in the past, and 1 no call no show. With all honesty. but I have never had a write-up (a paper that BOTH supe and you (me) sign.. what i was told) ... so this morning they told me to punch out and go home... I understand it might not have been the best decision, but I couldn't stay. Can they do this?? Am I fired? :whiteflag:
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    You could have been fired for the no call, no show. BUT.... if you are "fired" you have the right to file a greviance and have your case heard. Get with a shop steward and file one today. Don't wait, you only have 10 days (here in Fla. anyways) to file. Plus, if you file they may just knock it down to a suspension with time served or something. Good Luckl.
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    The no call no show has been over 2 weeks now. Can they still use that against me?? Its been over 10 days.. Also one busy shift, my FT supe said "smash this trailer out and I'll forget everything (No call No show, lates)", I did so.
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    depends on how long you have worked there. Are you pre seniority ?
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    started 7 months ago (almost 8 now)
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    This sounds like you should let the union and management decide the fine points of this move. I would have reported it to my shop steward for his spin on the issue before I left. As for the way you left a note by the timeclock, I would have waited for a mgmt person to report to. The note could get lost, they did not see you ill, there is a number of questions that it would open. Unless I were in a life threatening situation...I would wait to report in person.
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    agreed... honest bad decision.. but they don't understand how life for a pt'er really is... what do they get out the deal for trying to fire me?? I make less than $190/wk ... is it really that big of a deal?? And because I have a newborn, I have to wait for my GF to get home from work before I can leave for work, sooo I can run late SOMETIMES... I have been there 8 months and have been late 4 times(the most) .. And they love gettin all over me for it ... Very unsympathtic management at UPS.
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    Contact your steward or BA. You can't be fired without a steward present. The union should be able to get your job back and depending on the local you could get full back pay.
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    I've been at UPS for 2 years and have have never been late and I did a no call one day and I got reaped for it and was asked if I want o be fired. I just ignored it because there are other people who do it weekly and tell the FT to **** **
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    lets deal with the facts at hand. You came into work, you started and attended the pcm, 9 minutes later you left your work area and went to the time clock after presumably searching for a sup. You clock out with a note that sez "i am ill, couldnt find a sup so I left" (-so i gather-)

    I didnt read where you put you would be returning the next day or reporting the next day, or would call the company when you got home to further try to reach a sup.

    The company is in the CORRECT position. You abandoned your job.

    As a former Executive Officer, BA and current shop steward, this is the exact kind of mistakes part timers make all day long.

    You have an obligation to report to work or report out ill each and every work day. When you become ill on the job, you also have an obligation to report the illness prior to any departure from the worksite.

    We as employees must make every effort to notify the company that our position is "unfilled" as the company needs to replace us in our workarea.

    You leaving a note does not suffice as notice.

    You must grieve your actions and not your feelings.

    How were you aggrieved? What action did the company do that was out of contract? What do you think the company should have done when they discovered your work area abandoned? What was the company suppose to "assume" when they discovered you missing? Why would the company be responsible for going to the time clock to find your communication?

    These are the questions you will have to answer. Your personal problems are irrelevant to these issues.

    Looking at your attendance as you state, I can only imagine its a little worse than stated. It always is.

    Hopefully, your division manager will have a open mind and listen to your case and give you another shot. Arbitration would be a waste of time.

    Dont lay your responsibilities on the feet of others.

    Do your job and do it right.

    Sorry for the bitter pill, i just got tired of hearing bad advice given to you.

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    No, I worked 2 hours yesterday then left because I became dizzy on break. Today I worked 9 mins, then they sent me home.
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    There is more to this story. You could not find any management so you left a note on the timeclock. I would fire you too.
  14. ups79

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    If you became dizzy, weren't you afraid you might have a terrible accident on the way home?
  15. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    The day after your 2 hour leaving early day, prior to the shift, did you call in and report that you were returning to work?

    If not, they don't have to give you any work. Period.
  16. tieguy

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    interesting case you have here. other posters are right you need to seek counsel from your steward and BA immediately.

    As someone from the other side I'm going out on a limb. I'll do so because I would like to save the company the 2 grand it costs to replace you and because I don't believe we handled the case fairly. In doing so I'm taking a chance that I might be helping a problem employee return to work.

    When you abandon your job the company does not need to get a steward involved. You left and did not notify management. You're gone.

    However you were allowed to punch back in the next day. Once you do so the waters get muddied. At this point you may not no longer be an employee that abandoned their job but one that was discharged. Whenever we had a job abandonment issue in the past we always made sure they did not punch back in the next day.

    If its now a discharge then you did not have representation.

    You have 5 days to file your grievance , grieving the discharge.
  17. dannyboy

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    Thankyou Tie. You beat me to it, and said it much better than I could have.

    Thank your lucky stars you worked the 9 minutes. Had you not worked, you would not have been fired, you quit. Pure and simple. No unemployment, nothing. You quit your job.

    But as Tie said, because you worked that nine minutes, and they have to pay you for that, they have now actually terminated you. And as Tie said, that does open a whole can of worms.

    Secondly, you mentioned that a sup told you to knock out that trailer, and all would be forgotten? And you bought into that? Put it in writing, then I will knock out the trailer, and two more besides that one. I dont want to say the sup lied but........

    Do your newborn a favor, focus on the job. I know things are tight right now with both your GF and you working, but if you hang tight, you can end up full time. But you need to clean up your act and focus on the job and your employment record.

  18. upsdude

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    Brownshark, Tieguy, and Dannyboy all gave you very good advice, use it.
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    I don't know if you should lose your job or not--but I find it striking that not only have you been late 4 times in 8 months, but you don't think it should be a big deal. I have been late once in 35 years, including 4 years as a part-timer...
  20. rod

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    It's called "Generation Y" as in Why is everyone picking on me. All I did was come and go as I please.