John McCain, Best qualified to lead military??

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by BrownShark, Jul 1, 2008.

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    Yeah , whatever.

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    You gotta forgive him, he's a big McCain groupee. :happy-very:
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    Wow,,, this does it,,, Im convinced,,, put me on the Obama bandwagon. This video shows the obvious reasons to vote FOR Obama. He has so much experience with military matters and until now I didnt know how much he had done to serve his country or what qualified him to be president. Hey Tie,,, you mind asking Arrow if there's room for another groupie?
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    So sad when the truth hurts..

    Americas military hero?

    Ask the crew of the Forrestal!

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    wonder where Obama was when all this was going on?
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    He wasnt busy playing practical jokes on his shipmates killing 112 crewman!

    McCains military record is fair game. If swiftboating was ok, then the reality of McCains military service is as well..

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    I love it when the opposition goes after McCains military record. Heck he might as well badmouth mom and apple pie while he is in the mood to committ suicide.
  9. tieguy

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    Lets see. Military hero , POW . served his country with honor.

    Then we have Obama..........

    Ah trying to find his military record that shows he is qualified to be commander in chief....can't find it ....still looking...
    Help me out here BS what is Obamas qualifications to lead our troops?
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    I think Obama showed military skill when he managed to dodge all those bombs Rev. Wright was throwing from the pulpit! Came out completely unscathed, didn't even hear the explosions! Also managed to be friends with a known terrorists yet never got caught up in a martydom blast! And last but not least, managed to survive the brutal assault of the MSM during his epic battle with Hillary Clinton with a new age armour made of teflon!
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    Brown"Roland Martin"Shark limits out AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

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  13. First of all it was John Mclains plane that got hit by the rocket not John shooting it. And second of all the only person who is best qualified to lead military is someone who can take in all the information he is given, make a desicion and still be able to look himself in the mirror when all is said and done. Whether they are a Dem or a Rep. Don't drink the kool aid, think for yourselves.
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    the mccain detractors are saying McCain hot started (terminology?)his plane which either startled the pilot behind him who then fired off his missle or it cooked the missle and set it moving.

    His rocket hits a fuel tank on McCains plane starting the fire. Or so the story goes. McCain climbed out of his burning plane by climbing across the nose cone and is credited with trying to help put out the fire by some witnesses. The fire then cooks some poorly designed 1000 bombs starting a real mess that resulted in the deaths of 134 people.

    I'm not sure what safety features are built in but I'm sure its not that easy to accidently fire off a missle. while on the deck of a carrier or you would have more incidents.

    What the McCain detractors fail to mention is there were three similar fires on ships around that time (Including the forrestal) and many experts blamed the 1000 pound bombs being used at the time.

    While this story may sound believable to the Mccain haters its a bit of a stretch for anyone else.

    BS recognizes the strength of McCains military record and is eager to latch on to any far fetched story that may help cast a shadow on McCain.

    While McCain was fighting for his country Obama was off in a foriegn country recieving a nice islamic education dreaming of the day he could sit in Reverend wrights pew and silently disagree with him. :happy-very: