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    I made 100% sure I signed the pt to ft bid list. I am positive there was a 22.4 driver list as well as the normal ft driver to combo one. HR just told me all drivers are going to be 22.4. When I asked about the pay she said in 2022 22.4 drivers would have the $40 top pay instead of the $30 I remember reading about previously. Are they bull:censored2:ting me? Was reading about how the pay increase works as well. I'm at that really :censored2:ty 6ish years time where new guys are about to be making only a dollar less than me. Am I stuck at that for a year or will I get bumped up to $20.50 after my packet? Assuming I get through it.
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    Where are you located. I'm guessing in the west because you said PT-FT list. Do you know what local rider you are under?
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    I'm in TX, pretty sure that is considered west on the map I saw. No clue, I'll find out next week. Was told not to go into work tonight. Guess they don't want to pay me OT?
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    the midwest
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    22.4 pay progression is in the contract.
    Screenshot_20190719-171055_Adobe Acrobat.jpg

    At the end of the contract (2023) a 22.4 will make $34.79.
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    Also I believe TX is southern region.
  7. Pretty much everyone has a smartphone but somehow that can't take 12 seconds to vote.
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    Texas is Southern Region.
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    You are red river district
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    I still can't figure out why the union went in for this?
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