just received my 2012 benefits enrollment packet

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    Looks like those that will take the biggest hit are those that cover themselves and just a spouse. Last year the monthly cost for employee and spouse was $195/month. Now to cover your spouse, you must select employee and family which is $312/month. This is for the premier plan. They eliminated the employee+spouse tier totally. You have 3 choices now. Employee only, employee+child(ren), and employee+family.
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    That new plan is just so awesome... My wife and I have not procreated yet, mainly due to the doubt of affordability. I predict that any employee planning to stay "long-term" (notice I did not write- have a career) should expect to see a more rapid decline in health care options and coverage (year after year). Those employees remaining, may expect to see a rise in the actual cost and higher deductibles (year after year). I know that the economy may direct certain issues, however- this is also prime-time for company realignment and restructure. Someone once quoted "to never let disaster go to waste". In that interpretation, I CONCLUDE any cuts, production shove, and displacement would be "justified" at your expense.
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    Hmmm ? Rising insurance premiums ? Sounds like we'll be getting another one of those 3% across the board raises again. With the new review process that should amount to about 10 cent for me. Can't wait !