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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 35years, Jul 21, 2019.

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    My FT sup was really cool (he is a great guy) texted me about my mother-in laws obit because the guys I work with wanted to know (not really). Upper management was probably breaking his chops about verification.
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    I was just messing with you,I have people have some with an endless supply of Grandparents..
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    A supervisor texting you about a family obituary for "proof" is not a "great guy".
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    Your opinion. I know different
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    i banged the day she passed and came in the next day and i wasn't ready. had a few emotional moments with guys giving condolences and my boss sent me home. ended up getting guaranteed 8 instead of pay actual which was very cool of him to do i thought. otherwise here its pretty much always been 4 days regardless of travel or weekend for a human death.
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    So my mother just died. Got a call on Tues from hospice that she could go anytime. I came off road that day and waited with her until Saturday when she finally passed. Hospice jumped the gun a little but there was no way of knowing.

    Her wishes were no visitation or services. I have nothing to attend at this point. My question: Is there any chance I'm going to get bereavement pay for the 3 days I waited with her? It seems unlikely based on the wording of the contract. Not sure how much leeway they have with that.
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    Ask your center manager (not a sup). Some of them actually have a heart when it comes to a death in an employees family. Just my opinion but I would say you probably won't get paid but it never hurts to ask. Sorry for your loss.
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    Sorry for your loss.

    The reason you will probably not get paid is because they would have to make a adjustment through payroll. They hate doing that and I've heard they get dinged for it. Still it doesn't hurt to ask.
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    So I'm a pre 1982 member.
    Do I receive 4 days for all relatives mentioned, or just the "close" group?

    Is the 4 days contingent on travel for a pre-1982 member?

    Thanks Bug.
    Not too many of us pre-1982 guys left!
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    Just the immediate family members, initially mentioned.

    It's just a straight 4 days. (paid)

    Any other time off, would be at the discretion of the company. (un-paid)
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