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  1. threeleggedstool

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    Why do we have to keep taking these my way or the highway contracts in the South? Ken W. will get with his crony pals with UPS at the highest levels and get you fired if you don't vote his way. We at Local 79 have a chance to change this in the Local Union election this year. VOTE NO KEN W.!!!! Time for a change.
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  2. Brownslave688

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    If its a secret ballot how does he know u voted no?

    Also the south wasn't even close. If u want a no vote in the south there's a lot more to over come than union leadership.
  3. Bagels

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    Surprisingly, Tampa was tied with the locals in TN for the closest vote in the south (it still passed by 58%). Gotta wonder what the outcome would be if not for Right-To-Freeload.

  4. Coldworld

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    Are we looking at a bit of awakening in the union here...not just think if we could get 60 or 70 percent of people to vote and get involved..even just a little bit.
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    After being at the Tampa meeting and questioning Wood he told all of us if we didn't like we could vote no on his contract. The highest NO votes in the south was us at Local 79 at least we all tried. All he did was try to bully us into voting yes. You have to ask yourself why he wanted it so badly to pass.
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    Brother I was at that meeting and let me tell you Ken could care less about us.He sold us out!I remember Ken talking bad about Hoffa when he was first running.The minute Carey was ousted Ken jumped right on the Hoffa bandwagon.Hes a phoney!!
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    Yep, we definitely screwed the pooch. :speechless2: