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    Mr. Klien;;;;;; it seems here that you sir have a very low regard from some post about America !!! Well let me ask you why do you vaca in Florida ? Why do you watch American T. V ?? How did you enjoy cashing a check each week from an American born company ? How is your Canadian healthcare working out for you ?? You sound more like a European than a Canadian,You seem to dislike the U.S alot..How many times do you cross the boarder to fill your tank,buy liquor,ciggs or any product we sell here cheaper than in Canada ?? Let me tell you that over the years,America has went to the aid of everyone.We freed Europe twice from the Germans,we freed the South Pacific from the Japs and payed one hell of a price.We rebuilt europe twice we built the Panama canal and we produced tons of steel to erect half the buildings,hockey rinks and rail roads in Canada.We mass produced many goods and sent them to your frozen Tundra. Just because America is a bit down now,DON"T COUNT US OUT. The U.S is great place & always bounces back with very little help from anyone. the next time Canada faces a natural disaster,or a vial threat from a foreign land just look South Sir because the U.S Marines we be comming.. The U.S Military threw out the English & put up old Glory for the world to see 'We don't take sh#T from no one & we WILL BE BACK !!!
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    When reading this am I the only one who hears John Belushi`s rant from Animal House?


    Animal House: Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor
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    Never said I have low regard for America, and have more relatives living there, then anywhere else on this planet.
    Some of your old conservative ways, and politics don't work any longer in this Global Market. Obama got elected on the promise of change. Yet, anything he wants to change, is blown right up in his face.

    2) Should be happy the world watches American TV and movies. It's a big export product of Hollywood, and is a good moneymaker.

    3)Why is UPS only paying Canadians $23.00/hr (max rate), and only $71.00 for medical per month. Only $50/mth pension per year service ?
    UPS Canada, probably makes more profit then in USA.
    That's why DHL is here still very well alive.

    4)Never had a problem with our healthcare, and I used it lots, actually (3 times hospitalization, diabetes, pancreas problems, and had many tests done.
    It's good we have that system in place, since I'm not currently working, atleast I still have healthcare. And I can plan on retiring at age 55, without putting money away for health services or medical insurance.

    5) I am a little bit European, 1st generation Canadian, was born here, but lived and worked in Germany for 14 years.

    6) Don't cross the border for trips for booze or cigs. It's a 9 hr drive south, about 600 miles, (1 way), that would be just nuts.
    And we have different cigarettes here, that don't taste like the american cigar cigs.
    Most Canadians don't like them, don't even buy them when they visit south.
    As far as gas goes, yours might be 10 or 20 cents cheaper a gallon. No big deal.
    It's ironic, we pipeline oil to you, and you sell it cheaper then we get it for.
    But, we tax everything higher. For better roads, healtcare, social programs.
    Thats why alcohol is quite more expensive here, too.

    7) Canada joined England in the war against Germany in 1939.And were present in WW1, too.
    America didn't join WW2 against Germany until 1942. (and only because Hitler declared war on the USA).

    8) Canada exports Steel and Lumber to the USA, NOT vice versa.

    9) Canadians were in New Orleans to help you out, and recently in California, again, with the worlds largest Waterbomber to help with the fires.

    All, I hope, is that America gets back on it's feet, does some changes, so they can compete globally again. It's been over a decade since you had a trade surplus !

    What happened to the olden days ? Good old TV's , like RCA, or Timex Watches, Texas Instruments, The Big 3 Auto, etc.
    Those were the good old American days !

    Now, you need to find a way to get it back.
    But, having employers paying $1000 a mth for healthcare, and generous pension plans. That adds to Laborcosts !

    I don't have a solution, but what I do know:
    Sticking with old ways, and not making changes, won't get America striving/booming as much as it once did.
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    Actually, it had more to do with that incident at Pearl Harbor....
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    Actually I think Klein might be right for once.

    Animal House: Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor
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    And the award for overuse of a You Tube video goes to....(sound of envelope opening)....Cachsux for being half asleep and not paying attention to his own posts!
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    Klien is your typical European socialist who thinks his **** doesn't stink. He comes on here and tells us him and his European socialism is the answer to all our problems. Little does he realize the U.S. got to be the world's only superpower not only militarily, but economically without socialized medicine, ungodly high taxes, and government intrusion into every facet of life(unfortunately this is changing for the worse). Despite the fact that most European nations have existed for atleast 4 times longer than the U.S. they are dwarfed when compared to just about every facet of our nation. All our country needs is a government who believes in the people once more, and not itself, to bring back the prosperity we enjoyed a few years ago. The individual is what makes this country great, and it is only individual freedom which can bring it back.
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    minus the comment that european nations are dwarfed? Ever been to Germany, Holland or Sweden? In every aspects is teh United States years behind Europe, politcally and economically.
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    Nothing wrong with higher taxes to a point.
    That bum on the street, that buys his bottle of cheap wine, well he pays more taxes. Same if people on welfare drink or smoke, or natives.
    Effects every class of life.

    But, in the end, those extra taxes, go for better things,(like healthcare).
    It also slows down the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes, that are unhealthy anyways, and make them too expensive for kids to buy as well.

    I would not say Europeans are dwarfs ! Atleast not economic wise.
    Because, most decided not to have nuclear bombs and tons of weapons?
    They really don't even have the space for them (no Calif, or Arizona desert) etc, to even test them.

    No big deal, if it ever comes to a nuclear war, it's game over for most of us on this planet.

    I think the EU is doing ok. Not as good as they should be doing, but ok.
    It's still pretty new.

    If you call the USA an econmically Superpower, that it once was.
    But, not over a decade now.
    You cannot import more then export, and be a econmic powerhouse.
    China, now that's one !
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    probably changes that year to 1941 but then its pretty close for Klien.
  11. cachsux

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    To end the argument,we have nukes. Now be quiet.
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    I guess you would agree that canada was expected to join england in the war since canada was part of the british empire?

    With your three year involvement I'm surprised you guys did not have the war all wrapped up by the time the US got into it in 1942 (dec 7,1941)
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    I personally woudln't brag about American TV.:wink2: ALL that reality crap stinks.
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    I agree.
    If Canada or any other of our allies is threatened we will just position some submarines off the coast of the perpetrator.
  15. klein

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    I actually forgot to mention that. For a very small population that Canada has, we are second in entertainment on this world.
    (singers and actors)

    Here's a nice list from our famous ones :

  16. klein

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    Actually, to this day, Holland still has a special Canada Memorial Day.
    Where they carry and raise Canadain Flags.
    Because, we freed them.

    We did a lot of work, before you got there.

    And those were different days, USA wasn't even in the top 10 when it came to military power (without the nuke that was developed with help of german sceintists, during the war).
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    Actually you may want to put down your canadian version of history and get a real history book. the war was being fought in Libya in the european / african arenas when the us entered the war. There were few success by allied forces prior with Montgomery winning a couple of battles in a seesaw with Rommell. The US while not actively involved in the war was supplying arms to you and the brits which was helping you guys stay afloat until we got in.

    meanwhile the japanease were having their way in the pacific.

    The canadians did liberate holland as part of a three country , three pronged attack that culminated in the total liberation of belgium. But that was in late 1944 not before we entered the war.
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    Hey Klein,
    You seem like a good guy and I don't have a reason to think other wise. Please keep your 'USA in the top 10' in perspective.

    Some countries were aware, at the time, that you don't poke a sleeping giant...
  19. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    To be honest, I didn't check the net for confirmation, and I was probably wrong. But, we did have a good military back then.

    After the war ended, America stepped up, building it's military power during the cold war with Russia that followed.
    I think Europeans, and Canada took America for granted, and still do.
    Like , why do we need a huge military power, if the USA is there, in need ?

    It's true, and I admit to that. You think most Europeans would, too.
    There is no reason to have mega amounts of weapons all across the planet.

    I suppose, if the USA didn't have that arm race, Europeans and Canada included, would have stepped up to the plate.
    But, we didn't need to.
    Who really knows, what may or may have not happened ?

    That's a whole new debate and discussion.
  20. ajblakejr

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    I will give the blokes to the north credit for assisting the United States during the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

    That was way back in 1980 and I was in High School.

    I even recall some tribute song on the radio thanking the Canada.

    I will give Canada points. I am just surprised Klein has not remind us.