Knee replacement surgery and still a package car driver ?

Discussion in 'Health and Medical Topics' started by mrskin, Feb 8, 2012.

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    I am 2 years from being able to retire with 25 years full time at age 57. The problem is I have no cartilage left in my right knee. They nearly killed me at Christmas working me 60 hours a week with no helper. My orthopedic surgeon wants to replace my knee joint and says I will be back to work with in 3 months. (hard for me to believe too) Is there a package car driver working today that has had a total knee replacement ?
    .....from mrskin in Colorado
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    There are several members here who have had knee surgery but I don't know if any have had a total knee replacement. I would suggest getting the surgery now while you are still covered by comp. 3 months does sound a bit optimistic to me as well but your ortho would most certainly know more about that than anyone here. Good luck to you. Dave.
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    A good friend of mine (package driver) had a knee replacement done and was back to work better than new within 3 months. He said the secret is having a good physical therapist and follow their rehab treatment program religiously. Both doing too much or too little rehab can set you back too ground zero. Good luck----now go get it done.
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    I love your website mrskin!!!
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    I had total hip replacement last year. I was out of work three months and a day from the day of my surgery. I really feel the key is the therapy.
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    One of my boys works with a hip replacement. He is doing fine about a buck and a half late everyday. He is a tough hard man and never complains so it could hurt but he works everyday rain sleet or snow.
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    Id say its very possible.... if hip replacement people can make it back I dont see why knee replacements cant work.... Ive got 2 long screws in my kneecap from 12 years ago (split it in half). I still run ultra marathons. How much longer you think you can hold up now? Give it serious consideration with a replacement
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    A female driver at my center had her knee rebuilt and is back at it. I believe she was out about 3.5 months.

  9. I had reconstruction knee surgery 8 weeks ago. I go to physical therapy (PT) two times each week and socialize a bit with other patients. A couple of them have had knee replacements. While our surgeries are quite different, there are many similarities in the PT program.

    Your body must obviously heal from the physical invasion that was required to place such a device inside you and that will take a fairly predictable amount of time. The variable is rebuilding strength and regaining symmetry of your entire right leg when comparing it to the entire left leg. This includes the physical appearance as well as the range of motion. Your muscles will atrophy and will lose strength.

    This is where PT comes in and every body is different in progress. As you reach milestones, you move on from there. And you do move on. Just follow the protocol. As ROD suggested, following the protocol exactly is mandatory for a faster and favorable outcome.

    A final note, if you must get the procedure and it sounds like you will sooner or later, you should prepare mentally yourself for the months of PT.
    People go through PT after many surgeries, and get through it.
    It's your attitude that makes the difference. PT is hard and demanding and painful and and and. Do what they say, when they say and suck it up.
    Don't underdo. Don't overdo.

    Lots of information out there on the internet about recovery time.

    All this being said, I have no information about returning to work as a driver after this procedure. I've seen lots of drivers come back to driving after all kinds of maladies, but our job is different. Ask your doctor, ask the union, ask HR.
    Apparently, I must go through a type of fitness for duty test (essential job functions) in addition to the DOT physical before returning to work.

    Good luck. I know how you feel, my employment status was/is similar to yours.
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    unfortunately for me, after being assured by my surgeon that I could return to work, that never materialized.......however there were complications w/ my surgery, I went through almost 5 months of therapy.......had a revision done to the knee, about a year after the total replacement.........I never made it back, eventually I retired however I was too young to qualify for health care coverage because I was under 55 yrs. of age
    Be aware that if you cannot return at 100%......UPS is not going to find or make a job for you