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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by queblues, Nov 3, 2003.

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    I'm a driver in Blainville, Quebec and when we are short staffed,which is every day, the preloaders scan 10:30 air as closed before the drivers leave the building. The 10:30 are the delivered around 15:30 hrs.
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    Sounds like it's time to call the business conduct hotline!
  3. local804

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    Now thats really taking care of the customers.
  4. muncher

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    At my center supervisors have me scan NDA's as no such number even if it a good adress just to avoid late airs and using less air drivers
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    Muncher would this be your teamster lackie post or your company basher post?
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    Hmmmm.....And then later you deliver it to the same address you sheeted as NSN ???? Seems like this would raise huge red flags. I wouldnt do it. Falsifying a DIAD entry is a firable offense.
    I read a lot of this BS, and I thank God my center manager isnt an idiot. Theres been 10 in the 14 years Ive been in this center, and my current manager is by far the best. Hes straightforward and wants everyting done right (thats all!). If its missed, you sheet it missed. If its late, you sheet it late. No hiding anything, everything aboveboard.
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    Sadly, honest management people are rare in this company. Lying and cheating are routine for so many of them. The company is simply a reflection of the kind of people that go into management. It is why we have so many problems at UPS today. In most other companies, promotions are earned by merit. At UPS all you have to do is put a letter in stating that you are willing to conform to UPS' nonsense. This doesn't get UPS' best people into management. In fact, it gets many of UPS' worst people there. They hold these positions by default because decent people refuse to take them. Most workers I know are turned off and unwilling to act as UPS wants it's managers and supervisors to. Harassing and hurting workers to get a job done is of a prehistoric mentality and beneath most of us. I think this approach is taken because it is their only option. Most have no education or real qualifications to manage centers, buildings etc.
    It's fun to watch idiots who believe they know what they are doing but actually don't. So many managers and supervisors at UPS would get better results if they just stayed home each day. I will just continue to watch and laugh. Ive only got five more years until I retire from this miserable company.
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    I have seen stuff like this maybe 10 years ago but really dont see it going on anymore.Either you guys twist the truth a little bit(some cases alot)or you guys really have some screwy centers. I am sure its a little of both.
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    How many packages do you think they are missing on a friday?
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    King, I honestly don't know what to say about your post, except....I really feel sorry for you, to have to put up with what you have described for 20+ years. I wonder how you have managed to survive. You must certainly be quite the person to put in that much time and retire with full benefits from this miserable company...
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    I hope that those of you who see these things climb the highest mountain and yell about it as loudly as you can. That mountain is the business conduct hotline. Please call.
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    Just what is this business conduct line I have heard so much about on here?
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    I would like to know about this business conduct line and if it applies in Canada.Thanks
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    King I hope and pray I will become the shining example of intelligence and morality that you apparently are. I'm surprised the catholic church didn't have you nominated for sainthood upon birth.
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    Well written and in my experience about 95% true. There have been occasional exceptions but far too few. Our current situation is similar to what you describe. My managers are such poor examples of leaders, they couldn't lead me across the street.

    "Saint" A
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    The business conduct hotline # is usually posted somewhere around the facility so look around and you should see the number somewhere.