Layoffs in I.S.

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by brownISer, May 17, 2007.

  1. brownISer

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    get ready, get set, here they come...

    ...layoffs are starting in I.S...

    folks are being given 1 month to find a new position internally, or hit the streets...

    ...thanks for all your hard work but you're no longer needed.

    ...fortunately it is coming at a time when the I.T. job market is hot !
  2. outamyway

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    Um, what is....I.S.????
  3. DS

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    internal scrutinizers?
  4. CobolCal

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    What are you talking about? What's your source? Give us some details.
  5. 705red

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    Oh no how will the preload load the trucks? How will the drivers get the packages delivered? How will the unload unload the trucks? I think the end is near. If we could only get rid of the ie dept. things might pick back up!
  6. RockyRogue

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    Information Security. They keep UPS's secure information secure. As in, they're responsible for computer security, etc. At least, that's my understanding. -Rocky
  7. ohmy

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    Yes, I agree. How will you? There is no one left from the old paper delivery and manual flow-control days.

    I mean, you hourly guys are brawn, not brains. I hope they keep enough of the IS guys to things running.
  8. stgeorge

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    Actually, Information Services... responsible for every bit of data in the company and for most of the applications that use that data...
  9. ImpactedTSG

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    Get ready? Where the F have you been? A bunch of us in technology got axed last winter. Good luck to you and everyone else.
  10. brownISer

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    sorry but as much as you'd like to think so, I.S. is not TSG...I was only speaking for Corp Information Systems...I feel your pain as many of my buddies worked in TSG and also work in I.S.
  11. fireman000

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    Where do you get your info? Unless your talking about SCS or Menlo there's no layoffs going on in I.S. (information services).
  12. ImpactedTSG

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    IS is not TSG, but it's all under the same umbrella in the eyes of the board. They are both support roles that do not make any money for the company that can be cut. I think it going to be a domino effect in all of technology to eventaully outsource.
  13. RockyRogue

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    I'm in a grad program that has the same kinda problem in terms of being expendable. NOT smart on the company's part. -Rocky
  14. nerrollus

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    So does that mean we're finally going to get some people up there that know what they're doing? I'd love some decent programmers to get hired.
  15. Well get ready in Louisville too...the Airline IS group which is probably the best in the company is in the beginning states of being eliminated with all the jobs being moved to NJ IS where the pay is high and the skills are low. Not to mention the fact that they spend the companies money like it grows on trees without any accountability to anyone with an operational clue of business realities. I have lost count of the times that NJ has spend 1/4-1million dollars on stuff that they didn't even end up using, or how many times they seem to have that nack for picking the hugely expensive technology option when many other cheaper options exist that do it better but don't come from IBM.

    What bright genius at UPS thinks moving technical professional jobs which are staffed by very highly capable IT group with the kind of skills and organizational maturing that any fortune 50 would be lucky to have, to the unbelievably expensive NY area is a good idea in this day and age of most companies outsourcing to offshore??

    If anything all IS should get the hell OUT of the NY area and go somewhere they might actually be able to find one or two people with a clue for the rates UPS is willing to pay like say the midwest or atlanta, the only thing UPS can afford in the NY area is unskilled, unexperienced IT workers and we are turning over the keys to the whole company to these unskilled people and especially putting the critical airline systems at risk.

    Why the CIO seems to think the corporate IT team who is used to managing systems which don't matter if they go down, or if they are rebooted every week, or if they take weeks to install, etc.. is capable of running the entire IT for the 8th largest airline in the world who has planes in the air somewhere in the world 365 days a year.

    Meanwhile, we have a group in Louisville running the 8th largest airline IT, who does it faster, better, cheaper(when corporate leaves them the hell alone that is) and they are being systematically eliminated and seeing their jobs replaced by the clueless in NJ.

    Good luck trying to make money for the quarters or year when those planes stop flying and delivering all the packages that account for the real profit in the company because the FAA didn't accept of the usual excuses that the ground operation accepts from NJ when they can't do the job.

    I for one think this is a big enough risk and see the company being put to such chance of severe failures to eliminate my stock holdings. I wonder if this is insider information?
  16. Dfigtree

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    CEO - little operations experience.
    CFO - from II Tomorrow ...should have stayed there. Great acquisition II MORROW!?!?
    CIO - has no computer education.
    CIO ROADNET lackey -Great acquitisition ROADNET!?!?
    under CIO - Mongo - nice guy but where's the beef ,,, just take a look at the waistline.
    under CIO Rick Moranis ... the most despised person in UPS.Whacko!
    Cathy 1- no personality, no IQ
    Cathy 2 - painted boats in Martha's Vineyard. I suppose that is better qualification than any of the above.
    Kathy 1 - ugly and stupid
    Nardo - couldn't out-think a 5th grader. No talent whatsoever.
    All the above were put in there managerial positions by Nail In. He is gone. Why can't they be replaced by UPS-ers that have skill and affability? The stock is sinking because the BOD and Nallin were allowed to make these attrocious managerial assignments. Sell your stock and if you can, leave the company. The company cares NADA about you. It is only a matter of time until UPS becomes the fastest sinking ship in the shipping business. Working for UPS is the MOST DANGEROUS JOB IN THE I.S. INDUSTRY. Take a trip to Dutch Harbor. There is less risk there.
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    MIPMASTER New Member

    I for one, think we could cut 10% of the work force across UPS and not miss a beat! Just stop and think of your area.....Is there 1 person in 10 who just isn't cutting it AND doesn't care to improve? I am not justing talking the lower ranks, I AM TALKING ACROSS THE BOARD (no pun intended)!!!! Ask yourself the question....If I started my own company, would I hire that bottom 10% person.

    The intent of the above approach is personal accountability. DO YOUR JOB WELL!! We want the best, the brightest, the hardest workers, etc. Anyone who disagrees is probably a slacker!
  18. ImpactedTSG

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    Everything is based on seniority or length of service at UPS, not performance. The TSG cuts were based on how long you were with the company. I was a Tech II, but Tech I's that were about as dumb and lazy as you can get kept their jobs because they had been there for 10 years part time unloading trucks.
  19. 10thLetter

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    Are these workers getting severance packages or just being shown the door?
  20. 705red

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    SLACKER how can you say that anyone in the bottom 10% is a slacker? How did we go from package car being a 7 year wait in 98(chicago area) to promoting ptimers with 6months? The number games that are being played these kids come in here and say you want 180 stops delivered and 30 pick ups done by 530 pm. TODAY. I quit. Remember you cant do our jobs thats why your behind your desk with your litlle lap top and your latte cashing a check you probably havent earned. You should attempt to go package car before you judge anyone performing that work.