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    Hey everyone, I finally got hired at Ups a few months ago after FOREVER. I just recently reached the end of my probation period and I’m in the union. As peak comes up they’re hiring more and more people and everyone is talking about layoffs after peak. I was wondering, after peak is over do they have to lay people off in seniority order? Or can they lay whoever they want off? Thanks
  2. Seniority order
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    Layoff whoever they want lmao
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    Sorry everyone I found the section in the western supplement “Layoffs and recalls shall be in seniority order in accordance with each respective area or local addendum or rider” it would’ve been nice if the union would’ve given me a copy of the contract :eek:
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    Lets make a deal...
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    They have a layoff list here but it's building wide...we have three centers in our building so if you have more seniority than someone in another center you can work before they do...also if you show up everyday during the slow times I guarantee a lot of the very senior guys will want to go home
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    It would have been nice if you opened your pie hole and asked for one from your steward, your BA, or your local. If I were paying for something, you bet you ass I'm going to get what I gotdamn paid for.

    to each their own I guess...