Leavenworth 10 Freedom Rally

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    This is one of the reasons America, as we knew it, is going right down the drain.
    80 views and not one reply because, apparently, we are afraid of offending anyone.
    Maybe our troops should be issued the toy rifles that shoot ping pong balls. This would assure that our troops don't offend anyone, shoot anyone or defend themselves while America continues to release enemy combatants back into society.
    Watch the news for this event, if the government doesn't supress it, and see if you can tell which one of the "protesters" is me.
    If you have a few minutes you might ponder what color turbin or burkha you would like to start wearing.
    What would George Patton say, assuming, of course, you know who he is/was.
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    I'm not a biker nor do I live in Kansas, so I guess I am one of those eighty that read this and didn't reply. I hope the ride went well, its difinitely for a good cause. Its ridiculous that we send our military in harm's way with limited rules of engagement to defend themselves. I think the only ones that should be thrown in jail are the idiots who file charges against men like this. War is an ever changing event where split second decisions have to made at the front lines for self preservation. I'm not familiar with most of these cases, but sometimes things go wrong. For example, the friendly fire in the Pat Tilman case, or innocent civilians getting killed. The enemy on this battlefield do not wear uniforms and hide behind civilians. That has always happened in battle, its nothing new. I amazed the casualty rates have been so low compared to other conflicts.
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    Thanks for the reply. You seem to be the only member with any "fortitude".
    Your post pretty much sums it up.
    I just got back from the L10 rally.
    "Powerful" doesn't even come close to describing it. I would describe it more as a "spiritual" experience.
    There was a mile of bikes, estimnated to be 150 with 30-40 cars following.
    I am told the speakers were videoed and are, or will be, archived on this website:


    If you are interested in the path your country is taking, please view the videos and be inspired to take action. The last three speakers were awesome.
    If you aren't interested, don't bother, but don't be surprised when ".....and then they came for me and there was no one to speak for me" (a famous quote......goggle it, you might learn something)

    I haven't tried the aforementiioned website......I will later when I have time.
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    I just noticed this thread....

    Killing Al-Qaeda or Iraqi insurgents should be a cause for celebrating these troops...What a shame and a sham!

    God Bless all our troops!!

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    Perhaps a little more information by the original poster as to what the link was about would have generated more interest and someone might have bothered to click on the link.
    I guess it was too much trouble for him or he just did not care. :peaceful:
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    If you're really interested you should do some independent reading about the individual cases.
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    I'm not sure who I would offend by supporting those guys.

    I've always been against putting our troops in situations where they need a lawyer in the squad to define the rules of engagement.

    With that said I still feel like I need to do some homework before I come out in support of them.
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    I can't thank you enough for putting up that film clip. God bless you!
    We need to get our men out of prison!
    Free our warriors!

    The 80 views I was referring to was of my original post.......not a link.
    sorry for the confusion and, yes, I do care or I wouldn't have traveled great distances to attend the rally.
    PS- I'm a vet BTW.
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    Go to:

    Type "Leavenworth 10 Freedom Ride" in the search window. Click on "search".
    This should help you with your homework.
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    I guess some people are still doing their homework.
    TonyExpress provided the video which can be found at:
    In the search window type "Leavenworth 10 Freedom Ride", then click "search"
    I have provided the website:
    www.ConservativeTVonline.com so the speakers at the L10 rally can be viewed.
    Home website is: www.L10freedomride.com
    I don't know what else I can provide.
    I can't provide a sense of honor and integrity for these soldiers.
    I can't provide a sense of compassion for these soldiers.
    I can't provide a sense of right and wrong for these soldiers.
    These men were trained and given orders. On the battlefield you have 3-5 seconds to make a decision.
    If you make the wrong decision you find yourself in Fort Leavenworth.
    If you make the wrong decision y0u can find yourself dead.
    Do an internet search for "double bind stress", (a no win situation) and see what it says.
    BTW, I am told our civil federal prison system is Disneyland compared to a military prison.
    The detainess at Gitmo have more rights and privileges then our soldiers a t Fort Leavenworth. There is something wrong there.
    I'm not asking you to support the war.
    I'm asking you to support our warriors.
    A prediction: it won't be next week, next month or even next year but some people think our middle eastern friends will be taking over the United States.
    Ushering in the end of days? Draw your own conclusions.
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    For those who care, the mailing address for the clemency board is:

    Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Mitrano
    c/o The Army Clemency and Parole Board
    1901 South Bell Street, Arlington, VA 22202
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    For those who follow the saga of The Leavenworth 10, there is an update at:
    The website now has a sample letter to download, print and mail urging the release of our imprisoned men.
    Please help get our men relased!
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    The man chose to defend his country.
    The man chose to be a leader.
    The man chose to be an Army Ranger.

    Now, in his time of need, the very least we can do for Michael Behenna is "copy and paste" the sample letter from www.defendmichael.com, add your comments and mass mail to the clemency board, your Senators, your Representatives, the Defense Department, the President, etc.

    If you ride with the PGR, VFW, American Legion, Vietnam Vets, Combat Vets Assoc., Christian Motorcyclists Assoc., any 1%er or any other group. Please ask your members to support this most worthy cause.

    Michael Behenna sacrificed for us.

    It's time for a pay back.
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    Michael Behenna's clemency hearing draws near.
    Please go to www.defendmichael.com and click on "three things you can do to help Michael".
    The man sacrificed for us.
    It's pay back time.
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    Of the cases I've read about, Behenna seems like he has the best shot at winning on appeal.
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    For those who care, go to www.defendmichael.com for the story of Michaels clemency being denied.
    This is an absolute tragedy that ANY American soldier be treated this way while the enemy continues to send our men home with arms and legs missing, blind, deaf, disfigured and some in body bags.
    World War 2 wasn't fought this way. I think we won that one.
    Vietnam was fought this way. I think we lost that one and 58,000+ American lives.
    A reasonable person could easily assume that someone wants to see Michael Behenna, the rest of the Leavenworth 10 as well as others spend a long time in prison.
    "catch and release", "if I love you, you will love me", "....a kinder, gentler nation" and "...winning the hearts and minds of the enemy"......how's that working for ya America?
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    There will be a premier of a documentary on First LT. Michael Behenna and his platoon on June 11.
    Go to www.defendmichael.com for the specifics.
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    I have to apologize, I just read this thread. I have actually never heard of this, shame on me. I will be activly following it from now on, and my husband would like to ride also. Thank you and once again sorry for not paying attention!