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    "UPS produced strong first quarter results despite rapidly rising fuel costs and challenging weather conditions," said Scott Davis, UPS chairman and CEO. "Once again we demonstrated the strength of our global portfolio and ability of our integrated operating model to further expand margins."

    This is what I see when I read Scott Davis' statement:
    "UPS produced strong first quarter results despite rapidly rising STOP COUNTS and challenging THE LIMITS OF THE HUMAN BODY,"said Scott Davis,UPS chairman and CEO. "Once again we demonstrated HOW WE CAN ABUSE OUR EMPLOYEES AND GET AWAY WITH IT to further expand margins."
    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!! :greedy::greedy::greedy::greedy::greedy: <--------Scott Davis after recieving quarterly dividend check!
  2. klein

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    The fuel surcharges on every package are the major profit !
    And then the weaker US dollar, with every exchange, even Mexico Pesos, it translates into more dollars !
  3. packageguy

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    I have to agree,

    They get away with abuse to the rank and file. That is why every chance we get we have to stick it to them. If they are over drivers don't, go home let them find you work. Believe me, they will not give 4 or 5 guys a broom to push. They will give you a truck and take work off our fellow brothers a sisters.

    Lets stick together
  4. klein

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    You don't know the numbers game that well.
    We had that scenerio, and had a few pushing brooms.
    After 4 pm, diad calls kept comming in, that drivers needed help - the broom pushers wanted to go out, but were forbidden to do so !

    See, another number is packages per car, and another car on the road would ruin those numbers !

    UPS has an ad for F/t drivers in my city, I laughed when I read it.
    8-13 hrs per day !

    Yeah, 8 hrs in class and training, then 13 hrs afterwards !
  5. TearsInRain

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    micromanaging metrics will destroy humanity as we know it
  6. packageguy

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    I understand what you are saying, It's stops per car, My center 4 guys would not go home, which is great. At 3:00
    messages coming in ETA 9:30 10, 10:45pm Panic set in, they send all 4 drivers out to help. they took it on the chin.
  7. whiskey

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    "I'm a man Mr. Davis. Ya hear me? I'm a man.
    And that makes me better than that hunk of metal, ya hear me?"
    Submitted for your approval.
  8. ajblakejr

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    How about this translation?
    Our company is doing well.
  9. packageguy

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    Lets remember this come contract time.
  10. Leftinbuilding

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    How dare you! I swear some of these people act like they wish UPS was on the rocks.
  11. YouKnowWhoIam

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    Thats another way to look at it as well. But who do you thinks responsible? What irks me is how many people,new and old to our company are so complacent with the ole "Im just glad I have a job during these rough economic times." Two words...PAY ME.
  12. dogs.bite.me

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    I am a driver who has been affected by this. Was next to go full time. A driver retired. I was thinking that I would be full time this year. I had 185 Punches last year.

    I havent driven in about a month. I am barely paying my bills. I make 20% of what I was making. All this while UPS is raking in the profit. I see the stop counts in my center going up and up and up. What do the drivers do? They say, "I'm glad i have a job" and work through their lunch to get through. They don't know by doing that they are putting me out of work.

    PEOPLE! TAKE YOUR LUNCH. DON'T RUN! THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO NEED JOBS. If you are RUNNING you are taking work away from people. IF you are skipping lunch, YOU are taking jobs away from people. To see how much UPS cares about you, see how much of that profit they bonus to you! None. And if you got hurt while running, they would ask you why you were running. But if you slow down a little bit, they threaten 3 day rides. Screw them. They don't care about you. Just about the bottom line. We have to stand up to this bully!

    Rant over
  13. Driveslayer

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    United Ponzi Scheme!!
  14. brownmonster

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    No matter how many driver's there are, there is always someone who is next in line.
  15. Coldworld

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    according to management the company is......
  16. stewardtwoniner

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    Kinda funny reading this. We want to make good money while hoping the company loses its shirt.
  17. menotyou

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    No. We just want a piece of the cash cake.
  18. over9five

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    Thank God/Allah/Buddha we're doing well. Most of us have no worries of losing our job.

    Try being grateful.
  19. worldwide

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    Make no mistake, UPS made a profit but the last time I checked, UPS is a for-profit company so that is the idea. Anybody can buy UPS stock and share in the success with stock growth and dividends - that is one way of getting part of the "cash cake" as menotyou calls it. Any employee can go through the process of promotion to go into management and get MIP - the higher you go in the ranks, the more the MIP bonus increases but so does job responsibility. If none of those options appeal, you are left to wait a few years for a new agreement and accept what the union negoitates form you.

    Just be clear about UPS's results. Is UPS truly growing? In terms of revenue and profit, yes but in terms of volume, not in the US. UPS volume declined year over year in the first quarter in the US by 58,000 pieces per day but international volume grew by around 89,000 pieces per day worldwide. Is the economy improving? A little bit but don't forget that UPS has made themselves a better company over the last couple years through layoffs, consolidations and improving productivity--getting leaner during the recession so they could emerge stronger when the economy started to turn. Scott Davis said that was the plan a couple years ago - to make cuts and consolidations now to emerge stonger when the recession ended - and it looks like that is exactly what is happening. Still, the company is going to be cautious as the economy is still a little shaky so I would not expect any major spending or hiring booms.

    The fact that volume is declining in the US but growing outside the US should be something to take note of. The US market is mature, Fedex Ground has developed into a decent company, has faster transit time than UPS, has many fully automated hubs and a lower cost structure - there is really only one place for them to take packages from so my gut tells me UPS will slowly but surely lose ground volume in the US but perhaps gain some Fedex air volume. International business will continue to grow and it appears that segment will be the primary driver of growth and profits moving forward.
  20. Johney

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    You don't think that all the packages we give to the Post office may have something to do with you not getting a full time job? Every time I look in the trucks going to the Post office there are more and more bags everyday.